Thursday 4 May 2023, 8pm

special guest dj + arad acid + mu tate + slowfoam (DJ)

No Longer Available

Special Guest DJ

Special Guest DJ thiccbient high fidelity 3XL cowboy, drum ’n’ bass, cyberdub, outer rim, dissonance and resonance.

Resident DJ at kwia in Berlin.

headbangers ball
lucky lotto
spin cycle
dance tutorial
vague music

fka uon, aka DJ paradise, as xphresh w/ Ben Bondy, hoodie w/ Naemi, sofa w/ Ulla. Part
of cypher & thru on Appendix.Files, Critical Amnesia & Ghostride The Drift on xpq?
Released on Motion Ward, West Mineral Ltd., and Lillerne Tapes.

mu tate

mu tate exists on the noisy dubbed-out fringes of what can loosely be described as ambient. With recent releases on utter and 3xl as well as a library of self-released titles, his music employs familiar images with a diffused style of psychedelia and vaporous afterimages of club music lingering in a post-party etherglow.


Madelyn Byrd’s work is rooted in hydrofeminism, neuroaesthetics, and uncanny interactions between ecology and technology. Their genre-spanning music moniker, Slowfoam, playfully and tenderly explores glitched-out, swirling soundscapes from drones, sparkling ambiance, fuzzy poetics, field recordings, and textural percussion.

In an extension of their world-building process, Slowfoam’s textural, electroacoustic productions blur lines between synthetic and organic sounds, collaborating in equal part with technology and biology. They have released music with Lillerne Tapes, Jungle Gym Records and Mappa.

On their debut LP, Transcorporeal Portal, forthcoming on Somewhere Press, aqueous field recordings are stretched, compressed and elongated into a symphony of celestial purls, an effervescent gurgling of digitally processed organic material. In a mutated evolution from 2000’s glitch and micro-tonal experimentalism, Slowfoam’s queered ambience oozes with sensual tactility. Their process, layered and enigmatic, evokes the unfathomable processing of AI algorithms, offering prophetic glimpses inside the shimmering portal.

Photo by Pablo Diserens