Thursday 10 September 2015, 8pm

Morphogenesis + Colin Potter / Jonathan Coleclough (duo)

No Longer Available

Prepared violin, balalika and objects
Vocals and electronics
Tapes and electronics
Piano and electronics

plus guests...




modular synths/effects

Morphogenesis started recording in January 1985, and the first public performance was at the West Square Festival in London in July '85. The group was formed by a group of people interested in exploring the possibilities of live electronic music and collective improvisation. The members of the group come from a wide range of musical backgrounds and have worked in a variety of musical activities outside of the group. Ron taught music technology at Morley College for 20 years, Adam is a regular on the music scene, notably with his brother Jonathan as one half of the Bohman Brothers and more recently in the trio Secluded Bronte. Clive G's first forays into music making began with recording sessions with Nurse With Wound in the 80s, but joined Morphogenesis in 1990 and later released their music on his Paradigm Discs label along with many other releases of electronic music including Daphne Oram and Pauline Oliveros. Michael Prime is another founder member of the group, but he has been impossible to contact, his last known whereabouts being an island of the coast of Ireland. In his stead they have 2 guests John Wall and Mark Durgan. On this occasion Ron will play from his car outside the venue and send a signal to the PA

Their last performance was in 2010 at the LAFMS Lowest Form Of Music festival in London.

Colin Potter

Colin Potter is a sound/recording engineer and musician. He has been involved in the field of electronic and experimental music for over thirty-five years. Based at his own IC studio, he has recorded, produced and distributed a wide array of projects. He has gained a reputation for innovative mixing and sound processing, working with artists such as Current 93, Fovea Hex, Ora, Organum, Monos, Andrew Chalk, Jonathan Coleclough and, most notably, with Steven Stapleton on a number of albums by Nurse With Wound. He has released many recordings and performed internationally, both solo and collaboratively.

Jonathan Coleclough

Jonathan Coleclough transforms the delicate sounds of everyday objects into mysterious and sensuous music. Starting from raw sounds as diverse as water boiling on a stove, sheep bells ringing on a remote hillside or pins dropping onto the floor, he creates music of richly textured drones and fragile details. He last played at Café Oto in 2015 in a duo with Colin Potter which saw Coleclough controlling a feedback chain spread throughout the performance space. This time he will be doing something entirely different, and will be accompanied by Geoff Sawers who will be lettering a text in parallel with the music.