Monday 14 May 2018, 7.30pm

Cuspeditions presents: Miki Yui & Lee Patterson

Miki Yui joins us for the start of a UK tour to promote 'Mills' her 6th studio record. Boundless solar oscillations in exquisite cycle; Miki Yui's sound is as playful as it is mesmerizing.

Cuspeditions warmly welcomes Japanese artist Miki Yui to the label with a work delicately crafted from field recordings, synthesizer, solar oscillator and sampler. Yui is known for the unique nature of her music (apparent also in past collaborations with Rolf Julius, Rie Nakajima and Klaus Dinger), and whilst Mills retains the subtlety and sensuousness of her earlier works, these new coherent and lucid compositions are charged with a narrative tension we’ve not heard before.

“When listening to "Mills" I sometimes have the feeling I'm watching a theatre piece. Her sound-events seem almost distinct, have a shimmering autonomy, like a procession of characters appearing on stage connected through an on-going dramaturgy. In the past, her sonic characters have often emerged from quiet, if not silent places. In this new work, the 'background radiation', the acoustic scenography if you like, seems denser. Nevertheless her sounds are still able to achieve `escape-velocity´ and float effortlessly away - an exquisite handwriting against a changing sky.” – Anthony Moore (Slapp Happy)

Lee Patterson

Lee Patterson lives and works in Prestwich, Manchester, UK. Drawing upon his parallel practice of sound recording as a form of training for the ears, he performs live with a selection of amplified devices and processes. From rock chalk to springs, from burning nuts to vibrating metal, he plays with objects otherwise considered mute. His works have featured on UK TV, BBC Radios 3, 4 and 6, Resonance FM and on radio stations worldwide.