Thursday 23 June 2016, 8pm

Detail from a poster by Frances Castle

Terrascope Audio Entertainments present: Michael Chapman + Joshua Burkett + Crystalline Roses

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“Founded in 1989, the Terrascope is one of the most well respected, widely read, influential independent music journals in the world. Throughout nearly three dozen issues, and specialising in featuring artists new and old side-by-side, the original Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine championed the finest offerings from the then deeply unfashionable worlds of folk and psychedelia, to Krautrock, prog, free jazz, electronica and nearly every genre in between, branching out to embrace post-rock and freak-folk as the decades rolled on and the printed page gradually gave way to what became Terrascope Online. The Terrastock festivals, an occasional rolling roadshow featuring live acts associated with the Terrascope, were announced in 1996, paving the way for boutique festivals to spring up in their wake the world over. In 2012 the founding editor, Phil McMullen, turned his back on the digital revolution and returned to his roots by launching the Terrascopaedia, a letterpress magazine which features exclusively artists who reside in the analogue realm, leaving a new generation to carry the flag for the Terrascope both online and on stage.” – Phil McMullen, founder of Terrascope

Michael Chapman

A self-styled old white blues guy from Yorkshire and one of the most under-rated heroes of our time. Chapman's uniquely English melancholic perspective and emotive guitar style first won him the admiration of John Peel and then more recently kindred spirits Jack Rose and No Neck Blues Band. He toured the UK in February 2013 playing solo and in duo with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. 

The guitar and voice of Michael Chapman first became known on the Cornish Folk Circuit in 1967. Playing a blend of atmospheric and autobiographical material he established a reputation for intensity and innovation. Signed to EMI's Harvest label he recorded a quartet of classic albums. LPs like 'Rainmaker' and 'Wrecked Again' defined the melancholic observer role Michael was to make his own, mixing intricate guitar instrumentals with a full band sound. The influential album 'Fully Qualified Survivor', featuring the guitar of Mick Ronson and Rick (Steeleye Span) Kemp's bass, was John Peel's favourite album of 1970. 'Survivor' featured the Chapman 'hit', "Postcards of Scarborough", a characteristically tenderly sour song recounting the feelings of nostalgia and regret. 

A lively and accomplished improviser, Michael gained a reputation for re-working material, both before an audience and on record. Songs were seen as standards, themes to be explored, extended and varied on stage and in the studio. The Don Nix produced 'Savage Amusement' featured versions of the Chapman songs "Shuffleboat River Farewell" and "It Didn't Work Out". Different musicians and a different sound breathed new life into earlier material, showing Michael to be a jazz musician in spirit if not in sound. 

Joshua Burkett

“Joshua better exemplifies the original free-folk impulse than any of his more celebrated contemporaries. And while he may not be doing four page fashion spreads in 'underground' style bibles, he remains *the* keeper of the flame.”– David Keenan Wire Magazine/Volcanic Tongue

Burkett has been recording & playing live in the states for 20+ years. He has played in the following groups/collectives: Vermonster, Tower Recordings, Shrinnirs, Parrotprobe, Borb, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Wormdoom, & Tarp... & has played solo sets on bills with folks like: Charalambides, Michael Hurley, Jack Rose, Dredd Foole, Chris Thompson, Ed Askew, Michael Chapman, Cherry Blossoms, Steve Gunn, John Fahey, Corsano/Flaherty, Ghost, Daniel Higgs, Red Favourite, Sun Ciry Girls, Ralph White, Son Of Earth, Bobb Trimble, Big Blood, Six Organs Of Admittance, Valley Of Ashes, Fursaxa, Thurston Moore, Circle, George Stavis, Michael Yonkers, & more.

“Joshua Burkett is one of the rock’s of the New England rock underground. He got his start in the Bimbo Shrineheads at just 16 years old, playing bass and saxophone. Burkett later played sax and served as cover artist for Vermonster, Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar’s outlet before Major Stars. Beginning in the mid 1990s, he released solo material on his own Feather One’s Nest label, including the masterpiece Gold Cosmos, which featured both Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Pat Gubler of P.G. Six. Spirit of Orr Records recently reissued Owls Leaves Rustling, Burkett’s 1995 solo debut, along with testimonies from Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano and Wolf Eyes’ John Olson.” – Dusted Magazine

Crystaline Roses

“Second Crystalline Roses LP by local Renaissance man, Tony Pasquarosa, is a goddamn monster of readymade acid folk transcendentalism. Since Feeding Tube released the One Man Cult LP back in 2010, Tony has done a wonderful solo guitar album for VDSQ, the insane space-sludge of World Domination (FTR 123LP), the raunch zonk of Gluebag, and various other projects far too numerous to name. On this album, Tony creates a classic late night smoker soundtrack. A brilliant journey into and beyond ego, the blend of guitar, voice, bells, bamboo flute and whatnot will be transportational for even the straightest listeners. Cosmic Driftwood represents some of the deepest acoustic-based psych we've had the pleasure of hearing in a long while. It makes a lot of Tony's contemporaries sound about as interesting as Smurph sing-alongs (no names), and is an instant classic. Get out your pipe and relax.” – Byron Coley, 2015