Saturday 12 December 2015, 8pm

Mark Fell Residency: Reality Check: Limpe Fuchs (live) + Richard Sides (live) + Michaela Antalová (live) + Dr. Federica Frabetti (talk – technology) + Lee Gamble (DJ)

No Longer Available

Three-day residency curated by Sheffield-based multidisciplinary artist, Mark Fell, spanning distinctive approaches to sound, philosophy, plus a special installation from Fell in the OTO Project Space. 

Tonight sees live performances from the German composer Limpe Fuchs and multi-disciplinary artist Richard Sides, plus a talk on ‘technology’ from academic and cultural theorist, Dr. Federica Frabetti, and a DJ set from Lee Gamble.

Mark Fell's work – ranging from minimal electronic music, to sound installations and audio-visual works – has placed him at the forefront of a rapidly expanding area of extreme and independent computer music and his explorations are never less than fascinating.

Limpe Fuchs

Limpe Fuchs studied classical piano and violin in Munich and percussion with Hans Holzl, citing avant-garde composers such as Murray Schaefer and John Cage as her early musical influences. She prefers to call herself a percussionist in the tradition of sound-scape artists yet it is also clear that the visual aspect of her work has always been given the same attention as the acoustic. Over her forty-year career she has continued experimenting with “no formalism” improvisational sound and visual performance using handmade instruments and sound sculptures. Her engaging performances are meant to be carefully listened to, requiring attention from the audience as she moves freely in space evoking her natural sound-scapes while playing her viola woodhorn, pendulumstring, a four-meter- steel constructed lithophone, sheet metal, pieces of wood and singing in her unique ephemeral bird-like style.

Limpe Fuchs has been accredited as a seminal influence on the “Krautrock” scene of the late ‘60s and ‘70s and later became an inspiration for the experimental psychedelic underground of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s (HNAS, Nurse with Wound, etc.) and for generations after. Limpe started her career in the late sixties with Anima Musica along with her then partner, the sculptor Paul Fuchs, and in 1971 they recorded their first album called Stuermischer Himmel. The next release was an unofficial release of the three-day Ossiach Festival recorded live including performances by Weather Report and Tangerine Dream among others. It was here that they met with the organizer, the famed pianist Friedrich Gulda, who soon joined Limpe and Paul to create Anima. Subsequently the albums entitled Anima and Musik Fur Alle were both released in 1972. From 1969 till 1989 the duo continued performing, recording, touring (most notoriously on a tractor travelling at 30km/h which pulled the stage) often adding new members including their son, Zoro. She then started on her solo career and continues to perform live, also collaborating with many musicians and she has even ventured into theater performance. Most recent collaborators include flamingo Creatures, the organ player Matthias Ank, Christoph Reiserer, Julia Scholzel, Christoph Heemann, Timo van Luijk.

Richard Sides

Richard Sides is a multi-disciplinary artist who produces music on his own and with others. Recent musical collaborations have included projects with Lorenzo Senni as PLUTO and Theo Burt with whom he also co-organises the publishing platform BUS.

Michaela Antalová

Michaela Antalová is a drummer from Slovakia. At the moment she is studying improvisation/jazz music at Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She does solo performances and also collaborate with other people in few bands, both form Czech republic, where she lived before, and Norway. So far, she has recorded two albums of original music. Improvised music shaped in one composition by Arará. Songs combined with free improvisation by Ankramu.

Dr. Federica Frabetti

Federica completed an MRes and PhD in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has a diverse professional and academic background in cultural theory and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). She also worked for a decade as a Software Engineer and a mid-manager in telecommunications companies, mainly on digital mobile communications projects and products.