Sunday 6 February 2022, 8pm

Photo by Sorbus

Marja Ahti + Patrick Ward

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Marja Ahti (b. 1981, Luleå) is a Swedish-Finnish composer and sound artist. Working with feld recordings and other acoustic sound material combined with analog synthesizers, acoustic feedback, magnetic tape and digital pocessing, Ahti forges vivid and precise electroacoustic environments – slowly mutating textures of detailed acoustic sound and intuitively tuned sustained tones with gentle microtonal beating. Her music lingers in a poetic zone between the acousmatic and the documentaristic, hovering between abstraction and the deeply familiar.

Originally from Sweden, Ahti has been a part of the Finnish experimental music scene for more than ten years in different constellations and is currently active in the duo Ahti & Ahti with her partner, and as a member of the Himera artist/organizer collective. Her third solo full length 'Still Lives' was recently released by Students of Decay.

Patrick Ward

Patrick Ward is an artist working with moving-image, sound and music in various modes of exhibition, performance and installation. His audio works layer field recordings with sounds extracted from films and the other forms of moving-image, creating tense atmospheres in which narrative fragments fold into rhythmic structures.