Monday 13 September 2021, 7.30pm


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Please note that some parts of the programme are not adapted to people with PSE (Photosensitive epilepsy).

Pleased to welcome Marie-Pierre Bonniol (France/Germany) to the UK for first time, presenting a programme including a selection of seven of her experimental short films produced between 2017 and 2021. Obsessed by the idea of Imaginary music, the myth of the Bachelor Machines and the power of mysteries, Marie-Pierre Bonniol's film practice - recorded all on her smartphone - been presented in several institutions (ZKM in Karlsruhe, National Library of Argentina) and films festivals (Alchemy Arts & Film, Chicago International Film Festival).

The programme will present a selection of some her films related to music, with soundtracks by various artists including Pierre Bastien, Gamelan Voices, Lawrence and Stine Janvin. The evening will also feature well as the first world preview screening of her new film Wasser (2021, 22'35), a powerful abstract essay on water and its transformations into energy, as well as on machines archeology, featuring a soundtrack by Andreas O. Hirsch, Raymonde, Khaki Blazer and The Dead Mauriacs.

The screenings will start at 8.30pm and will be followed by a discussion with director Marie-Pierre Bonniol. The screenings will also be in the presence of Urður Ásta Eiríksdóttir.

Programme (45 minutes):

Quiet motors (2017, 1’24)
Music by Pierre Bastien

Babylone (2018, 1’13)
Music by Kraus

Three motors (2018, 1’55)
Sound recording by Ève Couturier and Jean-Jacques Palix

Transports (2018, 15’50)
Music by Pierre Bastien, Narassa, Gamelan Voices, Lawrence, mix by Waltraud Blischke.

Volatile (2019, 9’47)
Music by Stine Janvin

Korridor (2020, 1’16)
Music by Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Walter Duncan (+ co-direction)

Wasser (2021, 22'35) – World premiere
Music by Andreas O. Hirsch, Khaki Blazer, Raymonde, Richard Pinhas, The Dead Mauriacs.

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