Sunday 7 January 2024, 7.30pm

Finlay Clark by Anton Lukoszevieze

Music and Other Living Creatures x EnCOUnTERs: Apartment House

No Longer Available


- Finlay Clark - like oil it glistens multicolours (premiere)
- Denis Sorokin - Arbor (premiere)
- Eldritch Priest - Dust Breeding (premiere)
- Chihiro Ono - Rabbit Hole - alive. emove. 108. (dec, 2023/ Rabbit year) (premiere)

Apartment House are honored to present 4 new works examining, enriching and avoiding the natural world in all its glory. Straight from the wilds of Yukon, composer Eldritch Priest, embedded in the wilds of Tajikistan, composer Denis Sorokin, sauntering in from the delights of London, composer and performer Finlay Clark and finally composer and performer from transcendental Japan, Chihiro Ono.

Apartment House

Gordon MacKay / violin
Mira Benjamin / violin
Bridget Carey / viola
Anton Lukoszevieze / cello
Mark Knoop / piano

Music and Other Living Creatures is a series at Cafe OTO (curated by OTO Projects) dedicated to music about, with, or by other living creatures. Birds, tigers, chickens, insects and many other living creatures are explored through sound-walks, listening sessions, commissioned performances, live responses and discussions.

EnCOUnTERs is a series of inter-disciplinary events that reside at the intersection between inter- and intra-species encounter and the sonic imagination. Events direct attention to curiosity, the speculative as well as the scientific, and to notions of multiplicity of being, experience and philosophy surveying creative and research-based practices that reference aspects of ecology, ethology and other creature-ologies, bioart and bioacoustics, sound/scape studies, zoömusicology, ethnobotany, critical plant studies, and related fields.

EnCOUnTERs is curated by Helen Frosi (SoundFjord).


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Apartment House

The group, created by cellist Anton Lukoszevieze has been captivating audiences for nearly 30 years, with performances of avant-garde and experimental music from all over the World.

The ensemble has been a firm fixture on the British concert scene, with regular performances at Café Oto and as an associate ensemble of the Wigmore Hall.

Apartment House has released over 40 albums, many on the UK label Another Timbre. Current releases include Pauline Oliveros - Sound Pieces, Magnus Granberg - Evening Star, Vesper Bell and Morton Feldman’s epic and mesmerising Violin and String Quartet.