Saturday 15 October 2022, 8pm

Malcy Duff and his Trouser Orchestra performing The Simpsons (2010) + Ecka Mordecai / Ash Reid / Fritz Welch (trio) + Rob Churm performs The Researchers

No Longer Available

Two days of criss crossing connecting collaborations between Rob Churm, Malcy Duff and Fritz Welch. Glued together by staples, comix and zines have been mixed by these three wooden spoons to create one soup for all to taste.

On October 15th they will present individual sonic performances based on or influenced by drawings, comix and printed works.

Malcy Duff and his Trouser Orchestra will perform a new version of his 'live comic' from 2010, The Simpsons!

Ecka Mordecai/Ash Reid/Fritz Welch will combine cello, 8-bit molecular words, percussion and voice in a first draft collaboration intended to open up text & tone tension. They will interrogate their individual instumental manifestations by reimagining a score initially devised through hand drawn and printed soundscapes by Welch.

Rob Churm will present a performance based on the strip 'The Researchers' from his comic The Exhaustion Hook, wherein the artist constructs layers of moving image and animation with the aid of a digital environment, playing with improvisation, mishap and delay.


Rob Churm

Glasgow based artist Rob Churm makes drawings, prints, comic strips and performances that explore new ways of seeing and describing the world.

Churm’s practice takes in a variety of references from science and weird-fiction, post-human thought, and cult film, layering them to construct stories that echo the life he is living.

Many of his comic strips and drawings elaborate on research into the workings of the brain, psychological phenomena and scientific experimentation – forming semi-fictionalised narratives about artists’ and practitioners’ obsessions and working processes.

Tendencies toward obsessiveness are reflected in his often mathematical and scrupulous approach to composition, but this is set against an ever-present sense of irony and the depiction of multifarious, humorous and bizarre fates that await his characters.

Churm’s recent work focuses on the sequential aspects of his drawing practice, allowing ideas to cascade and weirdness to grow. Strange stories and characters emerge from the work as actors. For example, attempts to organise the flow of imagery become symbolic of a dialectical argument and complex compositions are generated by consistently breaking a simple set of rules.

Fritz Welch

Fritz Welch is percussionist & vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the  bloodshot eye of results. He has most recently played with Re-Ghoster Extended (quintet with  Nicolas Field, Thomas Florin, Jérôme Noetinger & Nate Wooley), Hexakaidecagon (with David  Moré), Dome Riders (quartet with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, Mike Parr-Burman & Armin Sturm)  and in duo formation with Olivier DiPlacido. Welch and David Moré co-organize the monthly  music/sound/performance series Baked Beans On The Doorstep at The Old Hairdresser’s…. A  longtime Brooklynite of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow.

Malcy Duff

Malcy Duff is a cartoonist and performer from Edinburgh, Scotland. His comix include ‘The Liminal Sneeze,’ ‘The Pineapple,’ 'The Heroic Mosh of Mary's Son,' and ‘A 52 Second Silence for Topsy.’ His work has been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, including MAP, The Wire, Giant Tank Offline, Product, Art Review and The Comics Journal. He plays and records in the duo Usurper, and has been performing his ‘live comics’ since 2010.

Ecka Mordecai

Ecka Mordecai is a British artist based in London. Situated between sonic, performative and olfactory disciplines, her work is driven by sensation: entwining cello, horsehair harp, voice, eggflute, scent and improvisation into time-based objects expressive of emotional complexity.

Both intimate and exacting, this body-driven practice defies formal constraints, undoing the limits of genre and allowing for works such as Aequill Sound, a line of niche perfumes inspired by elements of the East London soundscape, or Promise & Illusion (Otoroku, 2022), the album in which Ecka explores myriad internal states using the compositional device of a creaking door hinge (or charniére).

Performing since 2010, Ecka has appeared alongside the likes of David Toop, Malvern Brume, Thurston Moore, Keeley Forsyth, Ilan Volkov, Ex-Easter Island Head, Greta Buitkute, Dave Birchall and Kate Armitage. She has played at Cafe OTO, BBC Glasgow, Islington Mill and inside a Berlin wasserturm, amongst others.

She has projects with Revox tape performer Valerio Tricoli in the duo Mordecoli (The Addiction, Hedione 2022), and in the trio Circæa with Andrew Chalk and Tom James Scott (The Bridge of Dreams, Faraway Press, 2019).

Ash Reid

 Ash Reid is a performer and sometime writer, avid texter, current bar tender and former thought owner