Thursday 15 February 2024, 7.30pm

Maginot + Kar Pouzi + Michael Barthel + Vomir

No Longer Available

Romain Perrot (Vomir, Trou aux Rats) and Paul Hegarty (Safe, Power Acoustics) combine to make feeble noise. inspired by the total failure of the powerful concrete forts of the Maginot Line, they grumble, moan and mumble over field recordings, found tapes played too loud and bursts of simple noise. taking the power out of harsh noise, this pathetic ensemble is weaker together. Weaker together!


Helen Papaioannou’s baritone saxophone & electronics meld through obstinate repetitions, drones and rickety patterns, at once both stark and playful.

Michael Barthel

Michael Barthel, born in 1977, growing up in East-Berlin, is a Sound-Poet living in Leipzig. Since 1994 Barthel works as an autodidact in Noise / Tape Music. From 2009 his focus shifted to working with language in writing and sound.

His „Sprechstücke“ combines sound poetry, the big mouth of Berlin dialect and lyric in the intention and loudness of Punk, ending up its poems topics of desire and despair in human relationships.

Releases on Tochnit Aleph, Regional Bears and Ultraniche.


Romain 'Roro' Perrot is a self-taught composer and performer, in free form noise improvisation, shit folk songs and harsh noise wall (aka Vomir).
He organizes the BROKEN IMPRO soirees in Paris, draws Memento Moris (Absurdum zines), and produce albums on his Decimation Sociale label.
Everythings tends towards failure.