Thursday 5 May 2016, 8pm

Louise Landes Levi & Hilary Jeffery (The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble) + Angharad Davies / Dominic Lash (duo) + William Rees

No Longer Available

Levi studied sarangi under the guidance of Annapurna Devi and Ali Akbar Khan. Levi & Jeffery interpret the perennial tradition of Indian raga - informed by the deep dream of the 20th century & the visionary ensembles of the mid century: The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company (Daniel Moore) & The Theatre of Eternal Music (La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela).

“Considering the journey she’s been on through her time on this mortal coil – both literally (in miles) and metaphorically/metaphysically – Louise Landes Levi has managed to retain a remarkable degree of anonymity. In the late 60s she travelled solo through Istanbul to India, studying North Indian music and poetry and has published several translations including one of the work of Mira, a 16th Century Indian singer-saint, plus several volumes of her own poetry and biographical writings. A contemporary of and collaborator with Ira Cohen, Angus MacLise, Terry Riley and others, a founder member of Daniel Moore’s Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company (America’s first fusion orchestra) and previously a student of both La Monte Young and Ali Akbar Khan, Louise’s discography seems rather minimal in the light of her rich, experiential travels. She plays the sarangi in a beautifully serene, meditative style and it was Richard Dawson who first brought her album From The Ming Oracle to our attention, her only vinyl release to date and one that quickly had our minds submitting involuntarily.” – Tusk Festival

Angharad Davies

Angharad Davies is a Welsh violinist based in London working with free-improvisation, compositions and performance.Her approach to sound involves attentive listening and exploring beyond the sonic confines of her instrument, her classical training and performance expectation.

Much of her work involves collaboration. She has long standing duos with Tisha Mukarji, Dominic Lash and Lina Lapelyte and plays with Common Objects, Cranc and Skogen. She has been involved in projects with Tarek Atui, Tony Conrad, Richard Dawson, Gwenno, Roberta Jean, Jack McNamara, Rie Nakajima, Tim Parkinson, Eliane Radigue, Georgia Ruth and J.G.Thirlwell.

Most of her records are released on Another Timbre but she also has releases on Absinth Records, Confrontrecords, Emanem, Potlatch and winds measure recordings.Her first orchestral piece was commissioned by LCMF in 2019.

Dominic Lash

Dominic Lash is an improviser and composer. A partial list of musicians he has worked with includes Antoine Beuger, Tony Conrad, Jürg Frey, Elizabeth Harnik, James Ilgenfritz, Charlotte Keeffe, Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, Evan Parker, Éliane Radigue, Mark Sanders, Roger Turner, Fay Victor, and Philipp Wachsmann. Best known as a double bass player, he has recently emerged as a guitarist.

William Rees

William Rees is a composer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in London. Having spent six years studying Hindustani classical music in India, as well as being classically trained on the viola, Rees has a keen understanding of both South Asian and Western classical traditions. Rees’ music is an esoteric blend of his disparate influences, ranging from Indian and Persian classical music, to modern composition and free improvisation. He released a cassette of solo viola compositions on Night Ritual Recordings in 2013, entitled A Burial Shroud. His most recent release was a split cassette under the Curling Hands moniker for Skell Records.

“Chilled, resonating strings ebb and flow in a swarm of distant beauty. Imagine Bad Seed/Dirty Three Warren Ellis playing a noise showcase in a familiar basement and you’re mostly there. It’s a moving piece of gritted transcendence.” – Secret Decoder