Sunday 31 May 2020, 7.30pm


"Her set…was one of the most astonishing and exciting I have seen...I’m not sure whether I have been quite so agreeably alarmed by a live performance of sound and visual art...primarily from the sense that we might have been collectively staring into some terrible future vision of our existence or that of our children..."
 – Neil March, Demerara Records 2019

Lou Barnell is a London born movement and sound artist. An explosion of material sonic experimentation, intense visuals and brutalist visceral choreography. Barnell create scores as physical traces with sensory tests and materials, extended vocal techniques, wearable sound-materials and biorhythmic sensors, and is currently in the final stages of a period of research and development into dreams, embodied listening and materials funded by Arts Council England, culminating in work in progress MELTA. The piece features Lisa Busby (Co-Performer & Collaborator) and Robin Foster (Technical Director)

I think performance is type of dream.
And dreaming is a kind of performance.

These are spaces where we make meaning in the moment of being and enact the unsayable.

Over the past year, I have developed 'live dreaming' as a method of exploring multidimensional orientation, listening and embodied sound. The ‘performance dream’ creates a space that properly approximates my feelings of disorientation and alienation as a neurodiverse female. It allows me to imagine possible futures in the face of the self- destruction of humanity.

I use alchemical wearable sound- material sculptures made from of ice and thermoplastic, and biorhythmic sensors, to create a live body-sonic score. The audience are invited into a kaleidoscopic, melting, fragile world where materials, bodies and sound resonate and communicate together intensely. A brutal, hypnotic explosion of sensory experimentation, shimmering visuals, visceral choreography, extended vocal techniques and sensual, queasy sound. The work in progress MELTA features Lisa Busby (Co-Performer & Collaborator) and Robin Foster (Technical Director)