Sunday 29 November 2020, 7.45pm

LIVE STREAM: Yama Warashi / Mermaid Chunky / Cloudshoes

No Longer Available

Livestream triple-bill featuring one-man band, Conrad Singh - aka Cloudshoes, audio visual electronic duo, Mermaid Chunky, and Yoshino Shigihara's melodically addictive and mythical project, Yama Warashi.


This time around, Cloudshoes will be a one-man-band, playing and singing songs inspired by the dream kronk of angular angelics and transdimensional bird flappers, english and indian folk musics, the cult library and the pop radio. Conrad Singh, the protagonist, was born in Taunton in 1983 and plays guitar with Yama Warashi, the Evil Usses, Alabaster Deplume, Dubi Dolczek, Tezeta and the Pilgrims.


Mermaid Chunky are an audio visual duo made up of artists Freya Tate and Moina Moin. Beavering in the endless baths of electronic chaos at all times, the duo boasts a bouquet of pumping trance rhythms, sad Easter time chicks and seriously arousing sax solos.

The Mermaid Chunky sound is inspired by folklore and contemporary kitsch ceremony, helping them exorcise the weight of Popey pagan guilt that they have both felt from a young age. The duo have become renowned for their large-scale contemporary art events and intriguing artist collaborations. Last year they hosted the largest ever dog wedding in the south-west. With a mixed audience of humans and dogs, Morris dancers, shadow puppets, virgin bitchmaids and a dog pastor flew in all the way from Vegas. It certainly wasn’t a modest affair. Their recently released debut album ’Vest’ was recorded and produced by Capitol K at the Total Refreshment Centre, London and tells a story of friendship, horsy sadness and club night anarchy. They are currently artists residence at Strouds arts hub SVA.


Yama Warashi is the vision of Yoshino Shigihara, a Japanese musician and visual artist based in London. Inspired by Japanese folkdance, free jazz and tribal African music, and heavily saturated in psychedelia, Yama Warashi’s songs are lyrically outlandish and charming, melodically addictive and mythical; the band name translates from Shigihara’s native tongue as“small childlike mountain spirit”.


8 - 8.30pm - Cloudshoes
8.45 - 9.15pm - Mermaid Chunky
9.30 - end - Yama Warashi