Friday 12 April 2019, 7.30pm

Photo by Hannes Renvall


No Longer Available

A Night of Finnish Phenomena

ILMIÖ is an experimental festival based in Turku, Finland.

The eclectic scope of ILMIÖ explores the long-forgotten frontiers of music and arts at the fringes of mainstream. Over the past decade, ILMIÖ - and the spin-off H2Ö - has cherished its loyal customers by showcasing a lineup, cherry-picked annually with care, from the highest gardens of happy accident to the deepest basement laboratories of Ostrobothnia.

The spring of 2019 brings ILMIÖ’s unique atmosphere to London’s world-famous Café Oto.

A preclub LieveILMIÖ on the 12th of April offers Londoners a good opportunity to get a peek at Finland’s rich alternative music scene with Lau Nau & Pekko Käppi, Shogun Kunitoki and Ahti & Ahti.


LAU NAU, aka Laura Naukkarinen, is one of the most interesting names in the contemporary music scene in Finland. Her songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision and her idiosyncratic, finely honed sound world builds on fragile, spectral otherness. She works using both acoustic and electronic instruments, from field recordings to analogue synthesizers, from vocals and traditional instruments to musique concrete and found objects.

PEKKO KÄPPI is the world-famous Jouhikko player and Finnish folk music artist. Jouhikko is the ancient Finnish-Karelian bowed lyre and some of Pekko’s instruments are his own constructions. Pekko’s music have been described like this: “In his hands the rough sound of weaved horsehair strings are swaying between the foul and lovely – dirty and pure. The old songs of unwritten tradition, timeless and dark stories mediates in his mouth.”

Lau and Pekko will perform together.


Ahti & Ahti are Marja Ahti and Niko-Matti Ahti. The duo combines field recordings with electronic and acoustic sound. Recordings of spaces and events, creatures and objects are carefully aligned in an associative way. In concert Ahti & Ahti use pre-recorded material, amplified items and modular synthesizer. Both of them have made music for a long time in different constellations and are currently part of the Himera work group organizing concerts in Turku, Finland. Ahti & Ahti’s first album Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? will be released in March 2019. It will be the first release of the Ouidah-label.


SHOGUN KUNITOKI is a band from Helsinki, Finland, with a mission to help electronic music regress back to a more human state, the time of the tube organ and the ring modulator, the spring reverb and the test oscillator.

Shogun Kunitoki's debut album, Tasankokaiku, released by Fonal in early 2006 came out of nowhere and established the previously unknown band as one of the most original instrumental groups to have emerged after the post rock boom. Shogun Kunitoki’s psychedelic mix of minimalist form and maximalist sound that draws equally from the academic avant-garde and the left-field rock canon from the 60s to the present day has won the group a small but fervent fanbase.