Wednesday 10 April 2019, 7.30pm, OTO Project Space

Photo by Cristina Pedreira Pérez

OTO PROJECT SPACE: Katz Mulk + Al Fresco + Louie Rice & Luciano Maggiore

No Longer Available

Katz Mulk round off their PRS Beyond Borders commission - joined by Al Fresco and Louie Rice + Luciano Maggiore.


Katz Mulk is a performance collective featuring Andrea Kearney, Ben Knight, Ben Morris, and Siân Williams. Their work pulls together crude electronics, field recordings, narrative fragments, dance, and sculptural interventions to create a sticky radiophonic syrup. Katz Mulk’s seek to inhabit the marginal spaces in-between structure and improvisation; producing scores in which movement, sounds and voices mingle and cohere into an awkward present.

For this performance Katz Mulk will be joined by Fay Nicolson. Fay is an artist working across painting, printmaking and performance who uses abstraction, pattern and motif to explore qualities of perception, modes of transformation and the potential for change. Human gestures, in the form of movement, mark and voice, are used as materials. They are 'trained', manipulated and choreographed throughout her work. Embodied knowledge and the ideologies expressed through educational structures inform the backbone of her research.

photo by Cristina Pedreira Pérez

Al Fresco

Al Fresco is Lia Mazzari, Sholto Dobie and Tom White, a group of London based artists who make music together. They perform live with acoustic instruments, amplified objects and concrete sounds - including cello, hurdy gurdy and tape manipulation. Their work, which is both improvised and collectively composed, combines dissonant materials to play with narrative and atmospheric tension, tentatively exploring the potential of slowness, repetition, mimicry and silence.

Lia Mazzari's work encompasses sound, text, and performance. She is the founder of Silver Road, a non-profit arts organisation devoted to site-specific and interdisciplinary performance and music. In her musical practice she uses cello, whip, text and other tangible objects.

Sholto Dobie is an artist and performer using loose structures and and array of instruments including home-made organs and bagpipes, and anything else that comes to hand. He founded the event series Muckle Mouth in 2014 which continues to this day.

Tom White's work traverses multi-media platforms including sound, experimental film and video, installation and live performance. He founded Apologies in Advance in October 2016 as a platform for artists presenting live works in progress.

They are named after Sholto and Lia’s performance at Tom’s night Apologies in Advance, in 2018.

photo by Jonathan Crabb

Louie Rice & Luciano Maggiore

Luciano Maggiore and Louie Rice continue to explore a shared interest in auditory phasing and an expansion of the spatialisation of sound beyond the stereo field. Aiming to reach beyond the confines of electro acoustic music to develop a type of performance referencing conceptual and performance art, folk singing, dance choreography and minimalist composition amongst other things.

photo by Lorenzo Burlando

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