Sunday 13 December 2015, 8pm

Joanne Robertson (band) + John T. Gast + Manuela

No Longer Available

“Joanne Robertson has become known for the lyrical drifting beauty of her music. The two solo albums she's released, The Lighter (Textile) and Black Moon Days (Feeding Tube), both been hailed as brilliant extensions of the avant garde wing of the femme-folk tradition. But she is also a form-disrupter of the highest order, as she demonstrated early on with the Blood 'n Feather collective, amongst other noise brigands.

For these new shows, Robertson is playing in trio format with Jasper Baydala “KOOL MUSIC” on guitar and Paddy (from Manchester's garage-space monsters, GNOD) on drums. The music incorporates some samples provided by Joanne's sometimes-collusionist, Dean Blunt, which lend themselves to zoned improvs of a very high and sludgy order.

The band will be presenting new compositions as well as new arrangements of older things, and about all you can expect, really, is the unexpected. You lucky dogs.” – Byron Coley


Following the spirit of Boxcodax, 
and the disappearance of Ragnew
Manuela is presenting
new songs by Nick McCarthy & Manuela

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