Tuesday 21 June 2016, 8pm

Rymden & Lamour presents: JIN&DAUN + SQ & KET + Slim Vic + Metal

No Longer Available

Return to OTO for JIN&DAUN – the duo of Jin Botani & Rickard Daun that started out in 2013. Some synths, keyboards, drums, flute, harmonica or whatever suits...


This duo played their recent show at Oto about a year ago and have since then focusing on their other projects, Jin with her Techno outfit Coldnose and Rickard with his Psych band Flowers Must Die. But now its time to combine melodies from Kurdistan with cosmic electronic to create "Kurdish Electronic Meditation". 



“SQ (Sound Quartet) is carried by howling winds from the frozen tundra with an urge to make sound poetry for the masses, an enchanting experimental blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. These rarely published freethinkers creates a low key intense music with the strength of swedish granite that matured for an eternity.”

Slim Vic

Slim Vic is one of Swedens leading innovator of the DJ and turntable culture. With one foot in the urban club music and the other in arts music he combines the different worlds and constantly moving the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible with the traditional and proven context. He is also the person behind the label Lamour.
www.slimvic.net / http://www.lamour.se/


A new project with Mike Bourne (Teeth of the Sea) and Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary).