Monday 28 November 2022, 8pm

Baba Yaga's Hut: Jessica Moss + Thomas Stone

No Longer Available

Jessica Moss is a Montréal-based violinist and composer who began writing and performing solo work under her own name in 2014; she has since made four full-length albums. Moss uses amplified and processed violin (and voice) to create works of expressive electronic- and drone-inflected post-classical Minimalism and Maximalism, with a distinctive melodic sensibility that often channels Klezmer, Balkan and Middle Eastern tropes, and an ear for textural grit and timbral noise forged from her 15-year tenure in agitprop postpunk band Thee Silver Mt. Zion (2001-2016).

Moss self-released her debut solo album Under Plastic Island, recorded with Guy Picciotto, in fall 2015. Two acclaimed albums on the Constellation imprint followed: Pools Of Light (2017) and Entanglement (2018); her third, Phosphenes, is due out in late 2021—all three co-produced with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart, Matana Roberts, Suuns). A Closer Listen has described Moss as “an artist whose solo work has surpassed her collaborative work, she becomes her instrument and channels its harmonic power”; Loud And Quiet has called her solo music “inventive, powerful, deeply engaging, carrying real weight.”

Thomas Stone

Thomas creates his immersive music using contrabassoon, samplers, loop pedals and activated percussion.

Blurring the boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound production the compositions explore themes of ritual and presence.

An enforced simplicity runs throughout the dreamlike sound world conjured from slowly evolving motifs using the lowest and highest notes possible on the contra' accompanied by a hiss and murmur from the percussion and pulse driven samples breaking to moments of fragile beauty.