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Friday 2 July 2021, 7.30pm

Ignota Hosts: Flora Yin-Wong and 'Liturgy'


Ignota hosts Flora Yin-Wong to launch her first book Liturgy, published by Primary Information x PAN.

Liturgy is a journey into the uncanny realm of the senses that dives into histories of perception and intuition. Divining inspiration from meditation, oracles, curses, hexagrams, Cantonese traditions, and superstitions, Flora Yin-Wong interweaves textual and visual collage to create a multi-layered tonality exploring issues related to cosmic principles, conspiracies, and parallel universes. The book’s chapters—Rituals & Fire; Omens; Hexagrams / Oracles; Curses; Gods & Creatures; Places Doors to Hell / Ghost Cities; Paradoxes; Sound Phenomena; Reality—form a constellatory work filled with religion, dreams, and fragmented memories and knowledge that also gestures at the artist’s own history. Reflected here is the multidisciplinary artist’s interest in the web between fiction, memory, rituals, and incantation, as well as her approach to sound.

Accompanied by excerpts from her album Holy Palm (Modern Love, 2020), Flora Yin-Wong will discuss Liturgy in conversation with Sarah Shin (Ignota), followed by a book signing and music selected by Flora, Riar Rizaldi and Laila Sakini.

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Flora Yin-Wong

Flora Yin Wong is a musician and writer from London, whose work incorporates traditional early instruments such as singing bowls, yangqin and kemence. Her debut releases include an album in 2020 on Modern Love as a gatefold 2x LP, and PAN’s mono no aware compilation, remixes and commissions for Mun Sing (Giant Swan), Circadian Rhythms, J Colleran, Scintii, Archaic Vaults, and Somerset House Studios. Her first book 'Liturgy' is published on PAN x Primary Information.

She has performed live at MUTEK in Montreal, Peru, and Argentina, New York’s ISSUE Project Room, Volksbühne Theatre Berlin, for Raster-Noton in Kyiv, The V&A Museum, and Somerset House, as well as DJed in clubs liked Berghain, Mutabor Moscow, Razzmatazz Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Vienna, Brussels, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Sydney, and 3HD Festival in Berlin. She’s guested on radio platforms like NTS Live, Know Wave, Rinse FM, Cxema, BBC Radio 3 and 6, LYL, and Boiler Room.