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Sunday 5 April 2015, 8pm

Hisato Higuchi + Jon Collin

No Longer Available

Debut OTO show for Japanese guitarist and songwriter Hisato Higuchi, whose from dreamy fuzz-drenched hazes and lo-fi distorted tones, to clear-as-a-bell folk melodies, whilst always creating an ethereal levity all their own.

“Tokyo-based musician Hisato Higuchi assembles pedaling shapes of wraithlike guitar; blasted, genderless vocals; and thin films of digital electronics and fuzz. On guitar he plays blues as oratonical as Loren Mazzacane Connors, moving from chords that sing like guts of pianos through slouched single notes, propping up song forms as nod-out beautiful as anything conceived by Kendra Smith and David Roback.” – The WIRE

Support comes from guitarist Jon Collin, who crafts acoustic string improvs of great abstraction, clanger and depth, recalling a certain vibe that Loren Connors once called his own, although there's no aping here. 

Hisato Higuchi

“Higuchi’s compositions are centered around electric guitar and soft vocal flourishes that take shape with ease. (…) The guitar work is highly textural and minimal, and the tonal shifts from track to track give an indication of Haguchi’s attention to detail. The playing here is some sort of washed-out, sustained blues that is always spacious and never hurried.” – Digitalis Recordings

Jon Collin

Jon Collin is a guitar player from Lancashire, UK, currently based in Sweden. On record he plays either improvised freeform abstract blues or through-composed minimalistic utilitarian drone music. His live shows are improvisations using a system of body, mind, breath, strings and electricity. His most recent LP releases are The Nature (Early Music; 2017) and the forthcoming Water and Rock Music Volume 1 (Feeding Tube; 2018).