21–22 June 2024

Good Perfs – Mark Leckey Two-Day Residency

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Mark Leckey presents two days of sprawling performances by UK based acts, interspersed with works by himself.

Mohammad Adam

Mohammad Adam is an artist from Leicester, He developed notoriety working within the Leicester based collective MOHAMMAD FIVE who have received endorsements from BBC Asian network and The City of Leicester college. The collective's latest project SOMETIMES LIFE GETS HARDER THAN ANYTHING has received high praise.

"such an underrated album"

- zahrayousaf7189 (youtube)


SUUTOO is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and performer with a focus on world-building, deeply invested in strategies of refusal and emancipation. SUUTOO uses sonics, visuals, poetry and performance to play with process and poetics, the undoing and becoming of myth. Contemplating noise as texture, as sound, as method and as a boundless site for alterity, as the genesis for emancipatory errancies, fugitivity and eroticism.



Competition is the music making moniker of Craig Pollard. Based in Newcastle (UK), Competition makes experimental pop music that plays with sparseness and vulnerability, pitched down samples and orchestral programming, crafting songs that build hooks from within their limited materials. Previous Competition releases are available via Slip, Oob and Bleak Spring. Craig also publishes writing on music and art making, with a book of collected essays out via Glasgow’s TGIGITFFY.




uh is the brother/sister duo of Dominic and Fionnuala Kennedy. Born as the before-you-know-it fusion of readymade interests, uh united bedroom-burbling hardware jams, video-graphic performance art, spoken word, and a shared intrigue in the pastoral and the preconscious. It wasn’t long before uh would find a footing in the London DIY scene. Over time, they’d hone a cathartic, live, experimental acid-trancelike uplifter sound, touching on their Irish heritage, magical pastoral idylls, and staple styles from breakbeat to broken beat to balladry. The EP ’Seasick in Salts’ (2019) and LP ‘humanus’ (2023) saw back-to-back releases on PRAH Recordings, and serve as evidence of their ecstatic, heart-on-sleeve sweats. Their live shows are more heart-in-mouth, making ludicrous use of machines abstracted from their original intent. Fionnuala exploits a pitch module, echo, and live looping unit, producing freq-pranged monologues and cantos; Dominic wrenches the knobs on various Rolands, Doepfers and sequencers, causing juddering glitches in the system.


Grubby Mitts

Wilfully eclectic nine-piece art-rock ensemble from mid-Bedfordshire, fronted by artist Andy Holden with long-time collaborator Roger Illingworth. Lost for a few years but imminently to return with a new album, Love in the Misanthropocene, this time backed by a brass section and once again writing according to their teenage manifesto, which called for ‘Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity’. In the past they toured the U.K playing only DIY artist-run spaces and shared a bill with Einstürzende Neubauten at Austria’s Donaufestival. They also performed live with Damo Suzuki. Their single To a Friend’s House The Way is Never Long lingers as a rallying call.