Monday 26 June 2017, 7.30pm

Goat + Ben Vince

No Longer Available

Koshiro Hino / percussion, bass
Akihiko Ando / percussion, sax
Tomohisa Suzuki / percussion , drum
Takafumi Okada / percussion, drum

Goat, previously comprised of guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, create music unlike many rock bands. In their percussive songs, they mute the melodic instruments to reinforce the beat, and make frequent use of harmonics played outside the twelve-tone. After going through a reshape in early 2017 with a new lineup, they have moved on to build compositions that explore rhythmic aspect even further, centering on intertwining patterns of repetitive rhythms. So far, they have released two albums from the label HEADZ; their debut album "NEW GAMES" in 2013, and second album "Rhythm & Sound" in 2015.

Ben Vince

Ben Vince is a striking composer and performer, known for his live improvised saxophone explorations and inventive techniques in creating new rhythms, textures and moods. Through live improvisation, sonic manipulation, reprocessing and looping, whether in the studio or on the stage, his spontaneous yet intuitive approach and collaborative nature surpasses the seeming limitations of his primary instrument. Having worked for Gabriel Prokofiev's contemporary-classical label and events circuit, Nonclassical, he is now a prominent player among a new breed of experimental artists with focus on his immersive solo show, as well as having performed with improv ritual EP/64, Charles Hayward, Coby Sey, Valentina Magaletti and part of experimental post-punk band, Housewives. Vince has also notable studio collaborations with electronic producer Joy Orbison, Oscar-nominated experimental pop artist/composer Mica Levi, and many others spread across the experimental sphere including Sugai Ken, Louis Carnell (fka Visionist), Mark Sanders, Alpha Maid and Gigi Masin. Able to listen intently and be receptive to his collaborators and the energy of his performance spaces, as well as having released 5 solo albums in 3 years that have been celebrated by Pitchfork, WIRE & The Guardian, Ben is an multi-faceted artist and exemplary of a new wave of musicians rising in London.