Thursday 30 November 2023, 7.30pm

Genghis Cohn + Jacken Elswyth + Yate Surge

No Longer Available

Genghis Cohn launches his first full-length LP, Iron Day, on a bill alongside Jacken Elswyth and Yate Surge.

A collection of tender songs of love and darkness recorded in Glasgow and drawing upon the tradition of British folk and blues. Tracks are centred around virtuosic, cramp-inducing fingerpicking and an enigmatic baritone with themes varying from heartfelt serenades to devilish summonings.

While previous works have demonstrated a more abstract, DIY style, the beautifully recorded Iron Day showcases Genghis Cohn's skill as a songwriter and musician while still retaining elements of experimentation. A significant step forward in the journey of this curious talent.

Genghis Cohn

Genghis Cohn is the alias of London-based artist Gil Shani. Previously releasing on a number of labels including Kashual Plastik, Low Company and Cafe OTO’s label, the new LP ‘Iron Day’ is his first full-length LP and is comprised of studio recordings of folk and blues inspired songs. Gil has performed throughout the UK and Europe.

Jacken Elswyth

Jacken Elswyth is a London-based folk musician, banjo player, and instrument builder. In her music making she is focused on exploring traditional tunes, developing extrapolations on folk styles and techniques, and investigating drone, ambience, and improvisation within and beyond folk music. She organises the Betwixt & Between tape series as one avenue of these investigations. She plays and records solo and in collaboration - with Shovel Dance Collective, Sullow, and others.

Yate Surge

Yate Surge is the latest musical alias of Daniel Magee, previously known for work as Lo Kindre and for music made in collaboration with fellow Phase Group co-founder MR TC. Yate Surge channels bass frequencies and reverberated drum machine amongst angular, minimal guitar and voice, at times leaning into overdriven, dronal, half-written folk musings. Self-releasing on his own label, Aibell’s Harp, Yate Surge’s debut album was released in May 2023 as a limited-edition cassette.