Saturday 18 August 2018, 7.30pm

Fort Process Dispersion – Isnaj Dui + Merkaba Macabre + Clive Bell & David Ross

No Longer Available

With the third edition of experimental sound and arts festival Fort Process returning to the Sussex Coast this autumn, Brighton based organisers Lost Property present a diverse evening of sounds as part of the expanded festival season. Though it's an impossible task to condense the magnitude of the festival programme into such a format, this evening offers a tiny snapshot of what kinds of things to expect at Newhaven Fort on September 22nd.

Isnaj Dui

Standing awkwardly between neo-impressionism and electronica, Isnaj Dui (aka Katie English) conveys a minimal yet capturing sound using flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics. As a classically trained flautist, English has also studied electroacoustic music, alternative tunings and Balinese gamelan and has collaborated with numerous artists from electronica acts to folk bands. Her material has appeared on a range of labels including Hibernate, Facture and Home Normal.

"...I vividly remember her looping flute melodies over the buzz of jack cable interference. Yet the mood of her performance is even more potent in my memory: the equivocal majesty of the flute, both blissful and rife with siren-like warning; the uneasy, lovingly handmade rhythmic structures..." - Jack Chuter, ATTN


Merkaba Macabre is a multimedia project by Steven McInerney, an Australian born artist based in London. His practice ranges from audiovisual and musical performance, installation and experimental film & video works. Recent activities include a performance at Electrowerkz for the third edition of Deliqium Sound Art Triennial, and a screening and Q and A of McInerney's visual work A Creak in Time at the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam.


Clive Bell's special interest lies with the shakuhachi (Japanese flute), khene (Thai mouth organ) and other East Asian wind instruments. He has travelled extensively in Japan (where he studied shakuhachi with the master Kohachiro Miyata), Thailand, Laos and Bali, researching music and meeting local practitioners. David Ross is a maker of bizarre rhythmic electronics and is reportedly the only musician to have composed an album entirely using an analogue synthesizer built into a kettle. Alongside these devises, he also plays more conventional instruments such as Jew's harp, kalimba and kantele. As a duo they tenderly explore the points of harmony and contrast between their tools, resulting in beautifully strange improvised pieces of mystic reverence.

"A nocturnal record, where melancholy and aching is slowly dissolved by a sprawling confidence, where mental landscapes are built on the contemplation of opioid numbness and extraction therefrom." - on David Ross and Clive Bell's Recovery Suite


Under his real name and the alias Ekca Liena, Mackenzie is known for his emotionally and psychologically affecting music. This, his installation work and rare performances attempt to convey a sense of place, memory and expressive intensity on multitudinous levels. This approach is also incorporated into his activities as a curator and when tasked with the role of a DJ.