Friday 16 October 2015, 8pm

Folklore Tapes presents: Magpahi + Mary Stark + Arianne Churchman + Paper Dollhouse + Ian Humberstone + Sam Mcloughlin + David Chatton Barker + Arianne Churchman

No Longer Available

Black Dog Traditions of England: Tales of phantom black dogs with ‘eyes like saucers’ abound in the folklore of the British Isles. But what are these coal-coloured fiends: shaggy dog stories, harmless spooks, or the devil himself in dog form?Folklore Tapes ensemble investigates, in an audio-visual lecture combining storytelling, light puppetry and experiments in film and music.

Lace Tells: Mary Stark explores folk song and textile production through 16mm film projection, optical sound, light, shadow and mechanical noise.

Shrouding the Frog's Bone: Arianne Churchman through ritual performance explores the practice of claiming the Frog’s Bone by Suffolk Horsemen, tracing the synthesis of magical and practical trajectories found within the custom.

Devon Folklore Tapes Vol.IV: Ritual & Practices - Magpahi & Paper Dollhouse perform movements from their acclaimed project for Folklore Tapes, delving into the rituals of Britain's past.

Folklore of Plants: Cures, magic, divination and portents were all connected with the rich variety of available plant life, especially in verdant Britain. Folklore Tapes ensemble brings the lore of plant to life with automated organic projection sculptures, narration and improvised sonic accompaniment using hand made instruments.

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