Thursday 26 May 2016, 8pm

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

Fataka presents: John Butcher / Thomas Lehn / John Tilbury (trio)

No Longer Available

“Butcher’s sax ranges from soft, whispery purrs to teeth-chatteringly spiteful blasts. Lehn’s analogue synth leaps in a moment from burbling tones to fiercely sizzling abstraction, and Tilbury slips from his familiar melodic interludes and fragmented arpeggios to crashing, seismic attacks on the inside of the piano.” – Richard Pinnell, The Wire

Great trio of three leading figures of improvised music: John Butcher (saxophones), Thomas Lehn (synthesiser), and John Tilbury (piano). All three have agile musical imaginations as well as exploratory rigour towards the possibilities of their chosen instruments and together produce improvised music of rare grandeur and eloquence.

Butcher, Lehn and Tilbury have played with each other in various combinations over the years, including in Thermal (Butcher and Lehn's scorching trio with Andy Moor of The Ex), AMM and Polwechsel (Butcher and Tilbury), and MIMEO’s epic Hands of Caravaggio session (Lehn and Tilbury). However, the first time all three of them played together was the recording of the critically acclaimed album Exta (Fataka 2013), which has been described as “an enthralling, exemplary piece of work” (Dalston Sound), “deserving of undivided attention” (Chattanooga Pulse) and “an essential addition to Improv’s history” (The Wire). This is their first performance together since that recording and their first in front of an audience; it promises to be an intense and absorbing experience.