Sunday 23 October 2022, 8pm

Erwan Keravec + Mocke + Léonore Boulanger

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Erwan Keravec is a highland bagpiper, composer and improviser. In seeking out the more unusual sounds, and ways of playing and listening to his instrument, far from its original cultural setting, he is exploring improvised music, free and ‘noise’ jazz, and establishing a repertoire of contemporary music for solo pipes, trio with solo voice and with choir. With an interest in movement and in settings associated with reinvention, he also writes, plays and improvises for dance.

Trained by luthier and piper Jorj Botuha, and tutored in the playing style and repertoire of Scottish bagpipes, Erwan Keravec made his debut in Lokoal Mendon's Bagad Roñsed, and as a twosome with his brother Guénolé Keravec on the bombard. Starting in 1996, he explored free jazz and improvised music with La Marmite Infernale, the ARFI big band - Association a la Recherche d'un Folklore Imaginaire – (Coeff 116 – 1997). During his time with ARFI, he took part in the Guanabara programme (2005) and played in the Baron Samedi set-up. Alongside his exploits with the Niou Bardophones – a quartet comprising the bagpipe-bombard pairing, baritone sax and drum kit – and the release of albums Air de rien (2005), Champ d’âne (2008) and Sages comme des fous (2013), he jammed with trumpeter Jean-Luc Cappozzo (Air brut – 2010), and put his name to the album Outside the budaga (2010) with Romain Baudoin, Jerome Renault and Joan Francès Tisner.

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Mocke is an essential guitarist on the French scene. Formerly a founding member of the group Holden , he now composes and writes with the duo Midget! , with musician Claire Vailler .

We have seen him gradually free himself from any framework to settle in a territory that belongs only to him. At the borders between experimentation, oblique songs, world sound, contemporary music, improvisations, Mocke composes instrumental pieces built around his guitar, as one writes poems in prose, with such grace that there is nothing surprising that his latest album " Parle Grand Canard " ( Object Disc , 2020), is unanimously acclaimed upon its release.

Whether he is alone in charge of his solo records (3 albums since 2014), whether he is composing musical creations for France Culture , film soundtracks or appearing on stage and on record with other musicians ( Delphine Dora , Mohamed Lamouri , Arlt , Chevalrex …), Mocke has a recognizable harmonic signature among a thousand. The mark of one of the most singular musicians of the time.

Léonore Boulanger

Léonore Boulanger studied drama, experimental jazz improvisation and Persian music in Paris.

Her music reflects her wide interest in African folk and in composers such as George Crumb, Teiji Ito, Harry Partch and singer Meredith Monk.

For their fifth album, "Un lièvre était un très cher baiser " Léonore Boulanger & Jean-Daniel Botta with percussionist Laurent Sériès

compose and decompose a set of fragments of the outsider art poetry of Ernst Herbeck from Gugging center in Austria. Small formats for the movement, singed in german as in a Kindergarten Krautrock : imaginary folk, music boxes, r'n'b medievalism, motets and futuristic madrigals set up like hopscotches, Byzantine mathematics.