Sunday 16 June 2024, 7.30pm

Eric Frye + SPARQL

No Longer Available

Eric Frye is an American composer and artist. He is known for his solo performance and installation work - an exploration of the dissociative and psychoactive functions of sound and image. Intertwining surreal narratives with a multidisciplinary approach to sound, Frye assembles a shapeshifting auditory scene that explores the malfunction of perception and how it relates to identity, self-hood, and blurring the senses.


SPARQL is the solo project of New York-based experimental musician Ryan Woodhall (also of legendary NYC outfits Yellow Tears / Halflings / Red Light District). Compositionally, SPARQL’s gleaming cinematic soundscapes are influenced by his work in commercial sound design. In a live setting, Ryan incorporates custom software, handmade controllers, and digital synthesis.