Friday 14 October 2016, 8pm

Eddy Detroit + Sublime Frequencies DJs

No Longer Available

“....a self-styled post-punk Rod McKuen who croons his wide-eyed psychobabble-cum-poetry over a lite-psych backing reminiscent of a Holiday Inn lounge band hipped-out for the summer of love....” – Trouser Press

“There’s something of Half Japanese frontman Jad Fair’s child-like wonder and knack for catchy yet off-kilter melodies in Detroit’s songwriting. His songs have the naïve—or faux-naïf—charm of the outsider troubadour.” – Dave Seagal, The Stranger

“Detroit is the proverbial riddle wrapped in the proverbial enigma... a bongo-furied, satan-inspired, mystical African hippie punk percussionist who's put out a few records that beg to be pulled out and studied from time to time.” – Detailed Twang

Eddy Detroit

“Where to start with Eddy Detroit? Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, it was there, in 1966, that he was in attendance for the first Iguanas gigs (Iggy Stooge's first band). He joined the White Panther party in Detroit and was "there" for the pre-punk sounds of The Stooges and MC5 ("We all smoked dope on the state Capitol and got beat up by the cops"). In the early '70s he traveled to London, where he stalked Marc Bolan and tried to seduce Tony Visconti's then-girlfriend Mary Hopkin. It was with Ms. Hopkin, when he was dropping off a demo tape at the Apple store, that he witnessed the moment when Ringo found out that The Beatles had broken up! (We've got the pictures to prove it!) In the mid-'70s, Detroit settled in Hollywood and started The Terminal Wave Band (bongo/synth/punk) which was the soundtrack to the hippy/biker/S&M/satanic/polyamorous scene that Detroit ruled in dingy, underground LA -- that's when he wasn't trying to seduce Nico (The Velvet Underground) to become one of his muses and lovers ("True story bub"). When rents in LA got too much for an acid-fried biker/S&M/punk, Eddy moved to Phoenix, AZ, and was seminal in fostering one of the most interesting underground musical scenes of the early '80s. He was an unofficial member of the Sun City Girls, toured with the Meat Puppets and Mighty Sphincter, and was the pith-helmeted shaman-in-residence at his club The Grotto!” – Forced Exposure