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Saturday 15 June 2019, 6.30pm

Not Waving & LSC – Ecstatic Recordings takeover: Colin Potter (live) + Conor Thomas DJ + Iona Fortune (live) + Not Glass (Not Waving + Jay Glass Dubs - live) + Novo Line (live) + Unprofessional (live)

No Longer Available

Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia, in collaboration with LSC, takes over Cafe Oto for two nights with a line-up spanning the entire breadth of Ecstatic Recordings, the label he co-runs with friend and collaborator Sam Willis.

The two day event features a handpicked array of guests, special projects and exclusive collaborations, all closely associated with Natalizia and the label.


Active since 2013, Ecstatic shines a light on contemporary musicians as well as digging out seminal inspirations, joining the dots from Novo Line’s algorithmic body music to Not Waving’s computer acid and environmental tonal abstractions, via Jay Glass Dub’s inverted dub-scapes, Abul Mogard’s layered emotional music, Gavin Ryana Russom’s interweaving melodies and everything in between.

Colin Potter

Colin Potter started making unusual music in the early 1980s. He was part of the ‘DIY or tape underground’ which flourished at the time as an alternative to mainstream music. In 1981 he set up the ICR label and IC Studio which are both still thriving after over thirty-five years. He developed a reputation for innovative mixing, sound processing and production and has worked with artists such as Current 93, Fovea Hex, Ora, Organum, Andrew Chalk, Jonathan Coleclough, Sol Invictus, Monos and many more, most notably with Steven Stapleton on numerous albums by Nurse With Wound.

In 1999 he started to perform live and since then he has been playing solo shows all overEurope and the US. He was also instrumental in persuading Nurse With Wound to return to playing live shows in 2005 and since then he has played with them at many venues and festivals all over the world. His performances feature live remixing of a multitrack recording along with sampling, electronic and acoustic devices with intense sound processing and propagation. A recent series of reissues of his early work (on Deep Distance and Sacred Summits) has led to an upsurge of interest in his music by a largely new audience. New material and several more early works are being released on vinyl and CD over the coming months.


Colin Potter

Conor Thomas

Conor Thomas is a member of the team at Boomkat.com, where he helps run The Death of Rave and Boomkat Editions labels, among other duties. He also DJs at the Faktion and P13 events in Salford’s The White Hotel, and hosts a monthly radio show from the city’s NTS studio.

Iona Fortune

Iona Fortune is a composer hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, her music is influenced by oriental sounds and features a palette of instruments that includes the Guzheng, Gamelan and EMS Synthi AKS. Debuting in 2017, her first album Tao of I (the first of an 8-part series of releases exploring the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching) received much critical acclaim. Employing an unusual composition technique that involves inner cultivation, one could say her sonic world exists somewhere out of the realm of the ordinary.


Not Glass is Alessio Natalizia aka Not Waving and Dimitris Papadatos aka Jay Glass Dubs.


Adored for his insightful explorations into the archaic tech of early digital synths, Novo Line’s music is a form of Hauntological archaeology, a hunt for the ghost in the machine that helped shape pop, dance, and soundtrack music since the mid ‘80s.
Live, improvised tone poems are steeped in multiple rhythms, layered counterpoint, and ricocheting 432hz tuning, emerging spontaneously from a playful and attentive physical interaction with a self constructed MIDI network of era-specific hardware. https://www.facebook.com/novolinemusic/


UNPROFESSIONAL is a state of mind born in a small town on the east-coast of Italy and exported in Berlin.
UNPROFESSIONAL herself comes from visual arts background and began producing in her early 20s, before she moved to Berlin and began organizing small uncompromising local parties.
In the past years UNPROFESSIONAL has been performing live in the darkest corners of Europe’s electronic music scene.
In February 2019 she released her debut EP on Forbidden Planet featuring four unrelenting tracks echoing the golden years of Italian dancefloors.
UNPROFESSIONAL is now the label manager of Forbidden Planet, founded by J. Haller.

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