Tuesday 28 February 2017, 7.30pm

Discrepant presents: Mike Cooper + Typhonian Highlife (Spencer Clark) + People Like Us

No Longer Available

For the past 50 years Mike Cooper has been an international musical explorer pushing the boundaries of his music touching blues, folk and experimental soundscapes.
He returns to Cafe Oto to celebrate the new release on Discrepant of Reluctant Swimmer/Virtual Surfer. Taken from a live set recorded at the Controindicazioni Festival of Improvised Music in Rome in 2003 . The music moves very slowly through four movements: ‘’Reluctant Swimmer’’, ‘’Movies is Magic’’, Virtual Swimmer’’ and ‘’Dolphins’’. 'Floating in out of the exotic ether and disappearing like smoke, engulfed in the alien hugeness of nature... a very elegant set by a visionary artist.'

Spencer Clark (The Skaters), is using top-of-the-line music imaging keyboards from the 80s and 90s to produce hallucinations of Past and Present Juxtaposed Eras, Far-OFF exotically composed tropical maladies, and wondrous inner-outer driven Fourth Dimensional Landscapes. He has recorded albums with a host of young modern musicians including Ducktails, Jan Anderzen of Kemialiset Ystvat, and Orphan Fairytale. His label Pacific City Sound Visions has ejected tape cassettes, Lp's, and Private Movies for the past 8 years. Performing at Cafe Oto, will be the new album ‘Typhonian Highlife’ and more…

People Like Us is audiovisual collage artist Vicki Bennett, who has been making work available via CD, DVD and vinyl releases, radio broadcasts, performances, gallery exhibits and online streaming for 25 years. Since 1992, she has developed an immediately recognisable aesthetic repurposing pre-existing footage to craft audio and video collages with an equally dark and witty take on popular culture. She sees sampling and appropriation as folk art sourced from the palette of contemporary media and technology, with all of the sharing and cross-referencing incumbent to a populist form. Embedded in her work is the premise that all is interconnected and that claiming ownership of an “original” or isolated concept is both preposterous and redundant.

Abridged Too Far is the first of a series of vinyl by Discrepant to celebrate this being the 25th year of People Like Us publishing albums.