Saturday 27 May 2017, 7.30pm

Dirty Electronics VIOLATIONS III - CONCERT with Max Wainwright

No Longer Available

Supported by Eden Grey & Suso Flores + Crowley Engel II - Modular Set -

Set times: 
- 8.30 - 9.30 Claude Heiland-Allen
- 9.30 - 10.30 Dirty Electronics + Max Wainwright
- 10.30 - 11.00 Eden Grey
- 11.00 - 1130 Suso Flores + Crowley Engel II

Claude Heiland-Allen
Claude Heiland-Allen is an artist from London interested in the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, unusual geometries, and mathematical aesthetics. Since 2012 he has been developing 'clive', his own DIY software for live-coding audio DSP in the C programming language. Some aspects model idealised physical systems, others are purely digital in origin, with parts inspired by other systems like Pure-data and SuperCollider3.

Dirty Electronics.
John Richards explores the idea of Dirty Electronics that focuses on shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction* Violations III is an extended event that includes the construction of a specially commissioned Dirty Electronics printed circuit board artwork/sound object, rehearsal and a large-group performance. A feedback system is designed where audio of a sequenced pattern is used to re-program itself.

Eden Grey - Modular Set -
Eden Grey's music is an experimental mix influenced by electro, dub, dnb, techno, drone, ambient and hip-hop. Her music took a major shift towards the collage-based methods of the historical avant-garde while earning her Masters' degree in music technology and after she began building her modular synthesizer in 2013.

Suso Flores + Crowley Engel II - Modular Set -
Music from a colourful cave
-‹◊>›››e›-∫.'¯¯¯˚˚>. ›>^/
--&&&&-'(. _/`'I',._,.,_ ___I•/˘_>-I/ /"'
--&/I /"'•/(_)J
'x <∞> _./^/</---<<

Max Wainwright
As artist, he is concerned with states of flux and how useless or broken objects can be sounded. He likes to engage audiences in conversation, creating instruments, trading, donating or receiving objects, and performing on the objects, or simply watching and listening