Friday 31 May 2024, 7.30pm

Dig That Treasure! Festival Wild Classical Music Ensemble + Dean Rodney Jr & The Cowboys

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Label and Resonance FM show Dig That Treasure! returns to OTO for two nights as part of this year's festival. Tonight's double-bill features Belgian group, Wild Classical Music Ensemble plus writer and musician, Dean Rodney Jr alongside his backing band The Cowboys.

Wild Classical Music Ensemble

Wild Classical Music Ensemble are a Belgian group consisting of musicians with learning disabilities that see difference not as a barrier but an opportunity. Their music is thrilling, an improvisatory post-punk, free-noise, krautrock concoction performed on flute, sampler, synthesizer and an array of other instruments. The group has collaborated with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth who compares them to the iconic New Yorkers, suggesting they share the spirit that “there is no wrong note”. 

Dean Rodney Jr & The Cowboys

Dean Rodney Jr & The Cowboys return to Dig That Treasure! Festival following an emphatic set at the inaugural edition. Dean Rodney Jr is a prolific writer and musician that describes his music as a cross between hip hop and pop. He's joined by his backing band The Cowboys, featuring members of Ravioli Me Away, Design A Wave, Clémentine March and space-trumpet player Robyn Rocket. 

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