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Monday 25 July 2016, 8pm

Dial + Dead Days Beyond Help + Sindre Bjerga

No Longer Available

Dial is the experimental noise rock band of Jacqui Ham (Ut) on guitar and vocals, Rob Smith on guitar and drum machine and Dom Weeks (Furious Pig, Het) on synth and bass. Dial construct songs using the textures of guitars and machines at the intersection of noise, melody and dissonance.

“an archeological unit rather than simply a band” – Your Flesh

“a stuttering beast of guitar driven post- No wave frenzy.” – Bruce Russell, Corpus Hermeticum

Dial have released Infraction (Cede1996), Distance Runner (Cede 2000), 168K (Cede 2007) and Western Front (Ektro 2012). They have just released their new record, Noise Opera (Cede 2016). Dial's whole catalogue is now on bandcamp.


Dead Days Beyond Help

Dead Days Beyond Help is the duo of Alex Ward (guitar/vocals) and Jem Doulton (drums). Since forming in 2006, DDBH have honed a compositional approach previously heard to its fullest extent on their 2014 Believers Roast release "SEVERANCE PAY", described by The Wire Magazine as "a reminder that there are still thrills aplenty to be gained from the pursuit of complexity... as playful as it is heavy, as atmospheric as it is cerebral". In their live performances, these variously intricate, sweeping and violent compositions sit side by side with free-wheeling improvisational excursions (reflecting the members' work with the likes of Steve Noble, Alan Wilkinson and Thurston Moore) and the whims of the moment, which could involve a leap into either a wall of flattening noise or the most emotionally direct country song. In negotiating this dizzying range of materials, DDBH bypass the pitfalls of irony and the obstacle course of genre by the simple guiding principle: intensity-at-all-costs.

“Ward’s guitar work leaps between metallic crunch, Fripp-esque tangle and Chadbourne choogle with astounding energy and precision, while Doulton’s drumming swings with commensurate joy and fury” – Joseph Stannard, The Wire.

“Dead Days Beyond Help are just the job after a hard day at the void machine, their precise and frenetic compositions blowing away the debris and cleansing the mind.” – Simon Lewis, Terrascope Online.

Sindre Bjerga

Experimental / psychedelic drone / tape collage music from Norway. I have been touring all over Europe, also Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, South Korea and Japan for many years and have released close to 200 records on labels all over the world. I also run the Gold Soundz label ( www.hifiallergy.wordpress.com)

“Majestic balance burns through damaged synapse. Entrancing electro-acoustic scratch, long form isolationism and cavernous tape-drone meditation from Sindre Bjerga, who should need no introduction after his prolific string of releases on various labels across the underground spectrum” – LightenUp Sounds

“What remains consistent from one release to the next is a sense of personality. Whatever sub-sub-sub genre he happens to be working in – space-drone, gurglecore, dictaphonics, others of his own devising – he imbues it with an engaging, informing intelligence. Playful, unafraid to meander, yet always attentive, thought through and sharp when it needs to be.” – Rob Hayler, Radio Free Midwich