Wednesday 15 December 2021, 8pm

Death is Not the End + Princess Diana of Wales

No Longer Available

Excellent double-bill with Luke Owen's Death Is Not The End project and Princess Diana of Wales, aka London based Australian musician, Laila Sakini!

Death Is Not The End

Death Is Not The End is Luke Owen. Comprising an NTS radio show and record label, DINTE seeks to unearth and bring light to archival music and field recordings with a focus on early gospel, blues, global folk, soundsystem tapes, pirate radio and various other audio curios.

"For years now, Owen has been building a collection of crumbling blues, pirate radio hauntology, spiritual music, ghost folk and dusty proto jazz, sharing it on his excellent NTS show and via his eponymous label. Now, armed with a pitch-controlled turntable and delay pedal, he gives some of these sounds his own unique spin, piping the music thru a process that magnifies the feeling of melancholy and nostalgia.

Woozy and disorienting, each track highlights the imperfections in the recordings, allowing surface noise and tape hiss to turn into instruments of their own. It's like a hybrid of Philip Jeck and Leyland Kirby: ghostly and distinct, but deep and absorbing, re-contextualising old sounds without a shred of cynicism." – Boomkat

Princess Diana of Wales

London based Australian musician Laila Sakini steps out from behind the disguise of Princess Diana of Wales, A Colourful Storm’s newest and most curiously cloaked project. Someone, no one, a notion, a feeling…

On Princess Diana Of Wales Sakini finds a contemplative and opaque downstroke, her forlorn vocals convected via radiant webs of reverb in an ephemeral style of songcraft that drifts effortlessly, like the sound of someone coming to terms with themselves.

Ponderous instrumentation, including heavy low-tuned guitar, soft clicking percussion, ad-lib multilayered vocals and found sounds. Twisting, hyperventilating harmonica, sub-bass and breakbeats of swollen soundsystem intensity and stretched and manipulated high-register vocals.

Diana offers clues but no simple answers.

"An enigma with a purpose" - The Wire Magazine

"Princess Diana of Wales resonates with these strange twilight times above perhaps anything else we’ve listened to this year." - Boomkat

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