Monday 5 December 2016, 8pm

DDMMYY: 051216 The House of Bedlam + Laurence Crane & Dori Deng

No Longer Available

ddmmyy is proud to present The House Of Bedlam’s debut Cafe OTO performance, alongside a new audio-visual installation by Laurence Crane & Dori Deng.


The House of Bedlam was formed by Larry Goves in 2006 to play his music and music by friends and anything else that takes his fancy. On this occasion they are Kathryn Williams (flute), Harry Fausing-Smith (saxophone), Tom McKinney (guitars) and Stephanie Tress (cello). They are playing three new works that started with conversations about projected text and here present a set of pieces with a sense of gradually unravelling narrative. Many thanks to Aldeburgh Music and the RVW Trust.

- The Number Poems
- Matthew Welton

Poet Matthew Welton reads extracts from his latest collection, The Number Poems.

- Disappointment and Small Relief, Hospital Scenes – Joe Snape (music & words)

Disappointment & Small Relief: Hospital Scenes tells the story of a doomed romance between Our Hero (a photosensitive in-patient at an eye clinic) and You (an ophthalmologist with a strobe-like smile). ‘Each passing day is one thing that is not another: Your ecstasy, and Our Hero’s worsening condition.’ It begins pathetically with rain, ends triumphantly with a leaky penis, and is buoyed all the while by a score of drum machines, twopenny synths, vocoder kazoo and The House of Bedlam’s quartet of piccolo, electric guitar, cello, and saxophone.

- The book of Matthew – Larry Goves (music) & Matthew Welton (words)

The wind around the orange-tree
brings on the smell
of nutskins mixed with whisky
mixed with lemons or rain…

From The book of Matthew; Matthew Welton, Carcanet, 2003

A new piece for instruments and projected text using extracts Matthew Welton’s The book of Matthew; a collection of thirty-nine hauntingly beautiful poem variations arranged according to Roget’s Thesaurus.

- Tithonus, Drunk – Laurie Tompkins (music) & Sam Quill (words)

Tithonus, drunk is a short soap about life on the sauce for four instrumentalists, electronics, and projected drinker.


Six Excerpts from Sixty-Four Copies of A Recording of Cleveland Tannery Gothic
- A sound & light installation by Laurence Crane & Dori Deng

Laurence Crane’s Sixty-Four Copies Of A Recording Of Cleveland Tannery Gothic is constructed out of 64 copies of a recording made by the composer of the 10-minute organ piece Cleveland Tannery Gothic, where one original recording of the piece was re-recorded directly onto cassette tape 64 times. Thus, the sound of each copy was manipulated in a series of unpredictable and extraordinary ways, with each transformation layered on top of the previous one

For this installation in Cafe OTO’s project space, six excerpts have been extracted from the original 64 copies. In response to the underlying concept of layering processes on top of one another, Deng diffuses a single source of projected light through several layers of paper, echoing the richness and grain of Crane's piece.


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