3–5 August 2021

Painting by Marie Lawrence

Daniel O'Sullivan – Three-Day Residency

No Longer Available
No Longer Available
No Longer Available

**Afraid to announce that due to illness Merlin Nova is unable to join us on Wednesday for the Daniel O'Sullivan residency. In her place, 'No Show', the duo of brothers Louis and Harry Stevenson Miller, will be stepping in.**

"The music of Daniel O'Sullivan plays like a haunted jukebox." - Wire

"A multi-dimensional artist that successfully soundtracks our profoundly confusing 21st century" - Prog

"O'Sullivan's dreampop mantras casually open up portals into other dimensions" - Uncut

Daniel O'Sullivan is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer living and working in South West London and has been contributing a vibrant, chameleonic brew to the music landscape since the late 1990's. He has achieved international acclaim writing, recording and performing both solo and with a myriad of celebrated groups including Grumbling Fur, Ulver, Sunn O))), Guapo, Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses, Laniakea, Miracle, Æthenor and This Is Not This Heat.

DOS collages a wide range of musical disciplines and has collaborated with a number of artists including several live performances and recordings with 'continuous music' pioneer Charlemagne Palestine and large scale surround sound/AV installations with Turner prize-nominee Mark Titchner. As well as playing and recording several albums with Norwegian experimental metal group Ulver and occasionally donning the robe with Sunn O))), O'Sullivan has been at the core of the wildly successful reincarnation of This Heat as a live entity.

Whether solo or in his varied collaborative projects, O’Sullivan’s work is strikingly dense and allusive, alive with enticing sonic diversions, hypnotic syncopation and highly ornamented song-craft. Both lyrically and within the intricately knitted arrangements, traditional forms are reshaped into transcendent pocket symphonies. Both intimate and alien, archetypal and atypical, joyous and melancholic, the aperture of O’Sullivan’s music is wide open and light streams in.