Saturday 7 March 2015, 8pm


No Longer Available

CØV is Alex Menzies and Florence To. Combining the psychoacoustic properties of sound with the use of light, this rare performance will be the first preview of CØV’s large-scale installation taking place at Glasgow Cathedral later this year. The installation performance will explore modal music and microtonal scales, modulating the frequency and pattern of light to mentally link the various sensory inputs. This live compositional performance will incorporate tonal variation, isochronic tones and monaural beats to create patterns for rhythmic entrainment. It is designed to bypass the intellect and to invoke the listener within the trance of an altered state.


“The last place H played in Bristol was a nearby swimming pool for the Arnolfini's Wet Sound night, with her audience adrift, floating in the deep end. Underwater, her drones cocooned your body and engulfed your brain. In the dark they make your inside quake. She caresses the mouth of a small bell with a contact mic, stretching its chime out into a long, icy shimmer, then begins adding fragments of noise. A stone staircase collapses, a haunting tape monastic chants booms and gets chewed up, sacrificial drums blast and lasers hit debris. The 20 minute piece is an artfully choreographed hallucination, underpinned by dreamlike repetitions and a sense of persistent vertigo.” – Charlie Fox, The WIRE