Sunday 28 January 2018, 7.30pm


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Javier A. Garavaglia
Acousmatic composition (original Quadrophonic)

Claudia Robles-Angel
ZHONG (2005)
Audiovisual composition (original Quadrophonic)

Javier A. Garavaglia
(2017) – World Premiere
Acousmatic composition (original Octophonic)

Claudia Robles-Angel
HINEIN (inwards) (2016)
Audiovisual composition (original Quadrophonic)


Javier A. Garavaglia / Claudia Robles-Angel
Audiovisual performance for viola, 2 computers and live audiovisual interaction (original Octophonic)
Javier A. Garavaglia – Viola, Live-electronics
Claudia Robles-Angel – Live Video and Sound


Interdisciplinary artist living in Germany and active worldwide. Her work and research cover different aspects of visual and sound art, which extend from audiovisual fixed-media compositions to performances and installations interacting with bio-data via the usage of interfaces such as, for example, the EEG (electroencephalogram, measuring brain waves activity). She is currently pursuing a PhD at Brunel University (London, UK).

Her work is constantly featured in not only media and sound-based festivals/conferences but also in group and solo exhibitions around the globe, for example: ZKM Center, Karlsruhe; KIBLA Multimedia Centre in Maribor; Bauhaus Museum für Gestaltung Berlin; the International Computer Music Conferences (ICMC) in Copenhagen, Montréal and Utrecht (2007/2009/2016); Festival Internacional de la Imagen in Manizales (2009/2010/2013); Museo de Arte Moderno and ESPACIO Fundación Telefónica, Buenos Aires (2010); DRHA2010 Festival of Sensual Technologies in London (2010); New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF 2010/2013-2017); SIGGRAPH Asia in Yokohama (2009); Re-New Festival in Copenhagen (2011); New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (NIME) in Oslo (2011); International Symposium On Electronic Art (ISEA) in Istanbul and Manizales (2011/2017); Prohelvetia - Salon Suisse/ 55thVenice Biennale (2013); Audio Art Festival Cracow (2013); CMMR Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research in Plymouth and Marseille (2013/2015); Miami New Media Festival (2014); Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá (2008/2015); MADATAC 07, Madrid (2016); Sound/Image colloquium in London (2016); IK Stichting Vlissingen (2016); Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center NYC (2014/2017); Digitale Duesseldorf (2016).

Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Composer and performer (viola/electronics) and Professor in Music and Music Technology.

His composition is a constant search for new sonic experiences, notably in his interactive pieces, where extended instrumental techniques are combined with new developments in sound synthesis, live-interaction and the spatialisation of sound, all of which serve the communication of a distinctive dramatic narrative.

His compositions – profusely performed in Europe, the Americas and Asia – include: electroacoustic (acousmatic/interactive and audiovisual) and instrumental music for diverse combinations such as: solo instrument, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, ensembles & big orchestra with and/or without the inclusion of electronic media/live-electronics. Electroacoustic works available on commercial CD releases (Germany, USA, Argentina, Denmark).

Research published in several journals, books and online in Spanish, German and English about: composition (instrumental and electroacoustic); the dramaturgy of music and is a pioneer; full automation of live-electronics. Latest topic of research focuses on spatial audio: Granular Spatialisation and sound diffusion for high-density loudspeakers arrays (HDLA), (e.g. long article in Vol. 40:4 of the Computer Music Journal).

Between 1999 – 2008 he was the associate director of the Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival (University of Florida, USA) and since 2009 is music juror of the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF). He also acted as music juror for the ICMC 2014 in Greece.