Wednesday 31 August 2022, 8pm

Cherche Encore showcase with Alero, digital selves + Joana Chicau, eye measure, Meanders and Sleepsang + Phoneutrian

No Longer Available

Cherche Encore is a slow-paced DIY project founded in 2017 by Blue Maignien (Hortense) and Harry Murdoch (hmurd), and now run together with Hazel Ryan (Deep Vain).The internet label releases music tied to the Algorave scene and beyond, branching out to experimental electronic as well as more instrumental and dance music. This is Cherche Encore’s first showcase at Cafe OTO, presenting works by artists commissioned for label releases  in 2022, and made possible by a National Lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England. The 4 acts presented are collaborative, with artists making music or visuals together, and span from live-coded dance music to instrumental improvisation.


Alero is a Composer and Writer. Their sound work is mainly around the use of the voice, analogue synthesis and influences from contemporary classical music. They are currently on an MA course in Musicology, where they will focus their research work on the presence, compositions and experiences of black classical composers.

digital selves + Joana Chicau

digital selves is a musician, researcher and live-coder. Her debut EP was released on Belgian label i.u. She recently featured in Fact Magazine’s Artist DIY series where she presented her live-coding practice. She has previously performed live at Cafe Oto, Corsica Studios, Iklectik, New River Studios, No Bounds Festival (Sheffield), Bangface Festival (Southport).

Joana Chicau is a graphic designer, researcher and coder, with a background in choreography and performance. She is currently an associate lecturer at UAL Creative Computing Institute and Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication. And a member of Varia.Zone, center for everyday technology and co-founder of Netherlands Coding Live.

Photo by Antonio Roberts

Eye Measure

Eye Measure is a Sheffield based artist making weird and dark computer music with live coding and algorithmic composition. Their performances have taken place at venues such as Cafe OTO, Corsica Studios, Venue MOT, and No Bounds festival.

They have released music with the labels Cherche Encore and Edited Arts, and have a release forthcoming on TT. Alongside making music they are doing a PhD, and co-run Pattern Club, a workshop/event series exploring algorithmic patterns.

Meanders (Daniel S Evans + Jasper Llewellyn)

Meanders is an ongoing collaboration between Daniel S. Evans (Shovel Dance Collective) and Jasper Llewellyn (caroline) exploring improvisation as an all-encompassing approach to performance, sound, action and friendship. Through an extensive archive of documented audio, video, images, objects, writing and transcribed/re-performed conversation they explore an richly woven inner-world of what it is to ‘meander’:

venturing out
slow feet
wider than i thought but less wet
everything painted the same shade of sludge
just doing
aware of bodily forms, shapes and habits
feeling guilty for the mind wandering
to thoughts of the muddy, black creek

Sleepsang + Phoneutrian

The two Sheffield-based artists will present their collaborative new release for the first time at Cafe OTO. Biomes is a new EP from long-standing collaborators Sleepsang and Phoneutrian. Inspired by how environments are shaped by human activity and scientific responses to climate change, they’ve translated this into six interrelated pieces of organic, textural music.

Sleepsang is a composer and livecoder interested in combining electroacoustic music with creative coding and live coding techniques. He hosts a monthly radio show on 1020 Radio dedicated to experimental music, Hyperobjects.

Phoneutrian (he/him) is a music-maker based in Sheffield UK, co-founder of Interworld Media.