Sunday 21 January 2024, 7.30pm

'Calum Storrie…Drawing Etc' - film screening + Ampersand

No Longer Available

Calum Storrie…Drawing Etc captures Calum Storrie making art and walking the city. Featured in the film are conversations and performances with musicians, other artists and friends. Cafe Oto features in a performance of Storrie’s graphic scores with Steve Beresford, Douglas Benford and Mark Sanders. Filmed over seven months in & around Hackney, London and Dundee, Scotland.


Ampersand are an improvisational sound ensemble who started performing in 2002. They have played over 100 times throughout Europe. Notable performances include supporting Einsturzende Neubauten in 2004, the Supernormal Festival in 2019 and playing the world famous 100 Club in 2021. Ampersand produce a wall of industrial noise that envelops the audience in the act and art of the moment. A pan-generational group utilising a mass of found objects, engineered metal, deconstructed traditional instruments and audio toys. Ampersand performances arise from the moment, the place, the atmosphere, the occurrences of that day. The sounds are imposed on all the senses, taking the audience to a charged and super-layered emotional state.

Calum Storrie

Calum Storrie is an artist, writer and designer. His art practice takes a number of forms from drawings of imaginary architecture to collage and spontaneous drawings of live performances. He has also created graphic scores for Steve Beresford, Douglas Benford and the Ligeti Quartet. He has designed exhibitions for, among others, the Royal Academy, the Museum of London and Wellcome Collection. His collaboration with Steve Beresford, ‘Nine Day Score’, is released on Cafe Oto’s Takuroku label.

Peter Bromley

Peter Bromley is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker who specialises in observational storytelling and radical filmmaking approaches, he is co-director of 1968 Film Group, a filmmaking collective based in London.