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Saturday 12 March 2016, 8pm

Photo by Amy Sykes

Calais Music Caravan Benefit Show

No Longer Available

A fundraiser for The Calais Music Caravan, including the world premiere of LAST by Caroline Kraabel, featuring pre-recorded vocals by Robert Wyatt.

“All of us are migrants or the descendants of migrants – people who moved to find something and to get away from something (the two ideas are just a switch of perspective apart).

A while ago I wrote a song about some aspects of being a migrant, in order to make of it a longer piece for pre-recorded voice and improvising orchestra; Robert Wyatt agreed to record this short but very heartfelt song, which appears several times in various ways through the piece.

Tonight’s performance will include a first version of LAST, played by these most exceptional of improvising musicians and directed by myself.

The Calais Music Caravan


We’ll be raising funds to enable 16 London-based musicians from the world of jazz and improvised music to travel to the refugee camps in and near Calais and Dunkirk, to play music for and with the people who live there, and to deliver donations of musical instruments. Our contacts working and living in the refugee camps confirm that this would be a very useful and welcome intervention.”


Some of tonight’s musicians will be coming to France, and some are offering their music in support of our project. At the time of going to press they are, in alphabetical order:

Seth Bennett / double bass
John Edwards / double bass
Caroline Hall / trombone
Dave Jago / trombone
Caroline Kraabel / alto sax, voice
Sue Lynch / tenor sax 
Hannah Marshall / cello 
Rachel Musson / tenor sax 
Neil Metcalfe / flute
Roland Ramanan / trumpet 
Cath Roberts / saxes 
Mark Sanders / drums
Alex Ward / clarinet 
Tom Ward / saxes 
Veryan Weston / piano 

Pre-recorded song (LAST) sung by Robert Wyatt, who will not be appearing in person.

Plus special guests TBA.