Monday 4 October 2021, 7.30pm

The Bohman Brothers + Xentos Fray Bentos & Ted Barrow + Sir Gideon Vein, Elena Von Gotha & ‘The Phantom Spirit’

No Longer Available

The Bohman Brothers hope you will enjoy this hand-picked bill from the wilder shores of Thespiana.

The Bohman Brothers

Adam Bohman and Jonathan Bohman have been recording together since their early teens and playing live since 1984.

Their repertoire includes a combination of sounds created in the moment and distinct compositions including songs. They use unconventional instruments, household objects, dislocated text from found, literary and commercial sources and collaged layers of recordings.

Regular concerts started in the mid-90s in London at places like The Club Room in Penton Street, The Red Rose and The Klinker. From 2000 to 2005 they had their own concert series upstairs at The Bonnington Café in Vauxhall, London.

They have performed at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Roundhouse, Royal Albert Hall, South Bank and numerous smaller venues across Europe and America.

Their duo recordings include 'A Twist For All Pockets' (Rossbin, 2001), 'Purely Practical' (Peripheral Conserve, 2002), ‘Back On The Streets' (Peripheral Conserve, 2012), ‘Library Music’ (Des Astres D’Or, 2019) and ‘In Their 70s’ (Fort Evil Fruit, 2021). Their forthcoming album is ‘Room Service ‘ (Rural Isolation Project).

Xentos Fray Bentos & Ted Barrow

Xentos Fray Bentos and Ted Barrow showcase tracks from their forthcoming release on PureJoy Records - ‘A La Recherche Du T’ings Fast or Slow’. The performance will feature pitch-bend piano, insect/birdsong manipulations, recitations and dip into Barrow’s haunting collection of un-ambient samples and circuit-derived sub-military grade material.

Vaudeville Creepers

Horror-comedy duo Vaudeville Creepers are back with a vengeance after a lengthy absence due to  circumstances beyond their control, namely alien abduction. Sir Gideon Vein, Elena Von Gotha and special guest ‘The Phantom Spirit’ look forward to scaring and entertaining the discerning audience at Café Oto with an eclectic mix of Grand Guignol-style chills ‘n’ thrills and a hefty dose of gallows humour.