Tuesday 19 April 2016, 8pm

Bird on the Wire presents: Susanna + Splashgirl

No Longer Available

Triangle is soul music for lost souls. Susanna’s eleventh album and first solo record since 2012 is a mastodon of a singer/songwriter release — over 70 minutes of intensely expressive, deeply felt and spiritually probing lyrics, presented and performed in layers of voice, electronics, and effects, programmed with piano, violin and tuba.

The Norwegian artist known for personal interpretations of songs by Joy Division, Leonard Cohen and AC/DC among others but also her strong originals, has dissected her own musical expression, collaborations and projects, including 2014’s ‘Meshes of Voice’ album with Jenny Hval, and put the pieces together again creating a unique and diverse world for her songs.

Triangle re-examines Susanna’s relationship with spirituality, belief and superstition. Throughout, Susanna is in intimate, confessional mode, facing uncertainty and mystery, pondering how much of a place humanity deserves on a faltering planet, while confidently forging her own path and confronting doubt, fear and nihilism with a sense of wonder. Deeply Nordic in its willingness to confront existential darkness head-on, yet with a contemporary sound signature, Triangle is filled with magical omens, apocalyptic fires, black holes and floodwaters that constantly threaten oblivion. Yet among the dark undercurrents, electronic rumbling and white noise is a luminous melodic glow that rises above the introspection.

Susanna’s Triangle is out April 22nd on SusannaSonata.

Splashgirl's new album, Hibernation, was released in January. It was recorded in Hljóðriti, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland in 2015 and mixed in Avast!, Seattle. The album is produced and mixed by Randall Dunn.


Splashgirl are three good friends, the three creative, young norwegian musicians Andreas Stensland Løwe, Jo Berger Myhre and Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød, playing their own one-of-a-kind music inspired by any number of musical genres.
Since 2007, the band released four highly acclaimed records – Doors. Keys. (AIM 2007), Arbor (Hubro 2009), Pressure (Hubro 2011) and Field Day Rituals (Hubro 2013) – played a great number of concerts in Europe, USA and Japan, and collaborated with musicians like Jan Bang, Eyvind Kang, Stian Westerhus, Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Skerik and Timothy Mason. Their last album – Field Day Rituals – produced by Randall Dunn in legendary Avast! Recording Studios in Seattle, was released worldwide to massive acclaim by HUBRO February 1st 2013.