Thursday 15 October 2015, 8pm

Bill Orcutt + Yann Gourdon

No Longer Available

Always a pleasure to welcome back jaw-dropping guitarist Bill Orcutt. One of a kind, Orcutt's playing style is a controlled explosion or intuitive energy – a master of his instrument and one of the most compelling and unique guitarists currently playing. Joining him on the bill will be French hurdy-gurdy player, composer and sound artist, Yann Gourdon.

Bill Orcutt

Former guitarist and founder of the duo Harry Pussy (later a trio) Bill Orcutt’s sound is a stuttered reimagining of blues guitar. One can hear familiar Southern folk scales between Orcutt’s jagged solo acoustic phrases, pulling and pushing melodies into unresolved fragments that eventually come unmoored in vast and satisfying note-torrents.

Yann Gourdon

As hurdy-gurdy player, composer and sound artist, Yann Gourdon looks at vibratory fields and sound perception as a medium.  He predominantly focuses on acoustic phenomena that have a dynamic relationship with their environment - architecture / landscape. In parallel he learned to play traditional music from Auvergne in France by listening to field recordings and currently conducts research on this repertoire within the collective La Nòvia.

He is also member of the trio France (with Jérémie Sauvage on bass, and Mathieu Tilly on drums) and he plays with Antez in Vacuum. Throughout every aspect of his work he only deals with sound quality.