Wednesday 4 September 2024, 7.30pm

Photo by Yvette Dostatni

Bill MacKay

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Bill MacKay is a guitarist, composer, and improviser based in Chicago.

A renowned solo artist and accomplished collaborator with projects that include solo albums Esker (2017), Fountain Fire (2019) and Locust Land (2024), and recordings with cellist Katinka Kleijn (Stir, 2019), Nathan Bowles (Keys, 2021), and Ryley Walker (SpiderBeetleBee, 2019), all released on Drag City Records, MacKay has pursued his musical investigations with obsessive rigor.

A deep radiance envelopes even MacKay's most dissonant explorations, and his trajectory travels seamlessly from the avant-garde to folk modes and further. In his music, tradition is invited to be reinvented.

MacKay is also a poet, visual artist and polyglot, and is a member of both the avant-garde rock outfit Black Duck (with Douglas McCombs) and the experimental groove-drone project BCMC (with Cooper Crain).