Monday 9 March 2020, 7.30pm

Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel + Bianca Scout + Samir Kennedy + j.b. glazer (DJ)

No Longer Available

Having been close collaborators for years, Vince and Samuel return to OTO for a special duo performance. ‘I’ll Stick Around’, their debut record together, released on First Terrace in September 2019, has garnered attention from DJ’s in the jazz world including Gilles Peterson, Paul Camo and Zakia and stands out as a deviation from the artists’ respective solo projects. It is free-jazz in nature, with a particular undulation between atmosphere and emotive urgency, meditation and exaltation. Vince’s prolific output spans Where To Now?, Hessle Audio & 33 33, having recorded with Mica Levi, Valentina Magaletti and Charles Hayward. Jacob Samuel‘s work is the noise of class, men, jokes and the internet. Their work examines what worlds will be made with the leftovers of what individuals try to escape and what they dream can happen. Samuel’s scarce musical output has been released by Serious Serious and has been noted for his seminal work with Klein, particularly on breakthrough album, ‘Only’.

Bianca Scout

Another close collaborator, Bianca Scout, joins as main support, finally bringing her sonic fantasy to Cafe OTO. Having made quite a name in London as an experimental musician and dancer, Scout’s performances and records tread a hazy line between song and collage, where the focus is surrendering one’s self to imagination and spiritual potential. Her ‘Voyager’ album is currently being re-issued through Jungle Gym Records, after ‘Dislex-ia’ was re-issued by Opal Tapes sub-label, Beatrice & Annie.

Samir Kennedy

Samir Kennedy is a British/Algerian independent dance and performance artist based in London. His work is highly theatrical whilst situating itself firmly within the abstract and the choreographic; this tension is inherent to the work. The work is interested in watching people in the state of becoming, becoming other, becoming someone else, becoming something else.

j.b. glazer

Rising star, j.b. glazer, hold it down on the decks. His solo work has been largely self-released with 'Compact Break' finding wider apprection in 2019, released by Them There Records.

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