Sunday 12 June 2016, 3pm, OTO Project Space


No Longer Available

A role-playing game that asks if it is possible to play without masters or dungeons.....

It is 2026, five years to the day of a socialist revolution in the disUK that deposed the monarchy on Big Liz's 95th birthday. Despite initial movements to break down the state into syndicalised autonomous structures, handing power back over to Us Lunks, actions that sought to address Britain's empiric despotism and colonial past have instead become lost in the familiar mediocrity of "you do this 'n' I'll do that" hierarchies, civil(ized) war and rag-n-bone.
This year also sees AR (Ash Reid) and AR (Ali Robertson) embark on a noise tour from AR (Auto Repzon) to EC (East Capitalia), a journey fraught with confusion, tedium, mild peril and Fantastical Fights. Ingesting salty snacks aplenty, the duo will attempt to traverse new boundaries in hope of documenting the current dialectical topography of imagined ex-britannia for a future loaded with potentiality. Jamming and jabbering with fellow improvisers, noise musicians, conversationalists, raconteurs and the OTO audience, the only thing they ask is: "Dinnae get grease stains on my handbook, pal."

SUNDAY 12 JUNE: 3pm–8pm
MONDAY 13 JUNE: 5pm–8pm
TUESDAY 14 JUNE: 5pm–8pm

Arch-contrarian Ali Robertson has spent the best part of two decades establishing Giant Tank's Institute For Low-Brow Avant-Thought, all the while undermining the existence of experimental academia in the largely unpopular and thoroughly unschooled improvised music duo Usurper alongside his brother Malcy Duff. Offered swords or sorcery, he selects instead slobber and snide remarks.

Ash Reid plays variously by herself, with Liene Rozīte or Ali Robertson when available, and intermittently as the muddy bank of Pond Scum. She also edits videos, runs the cult of Ackerism with artist Kari Robertson, and wishes she was part of Vin Diesel's Dungeons & Dragons group.

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