Friday 22 September 2023, 7.30pm

Archaic Vaults presents: Chantal Michelle + Susu Laroche + Grady Steele + Nihal (DJ)

No Longer Available

Explorations into the boundaries between euphoria and dissonance from three past and future contributors to the Archaic Vaults catalogue. Liminal soundtrack duties by NTS resident Nihal.

Chantal Michelle

Chantal Michelle is an artist and composer whose practice centers on the transformative properties of sound and its potential to dissolve the confines of physical presence. She approaches sound as an architectural material, constructing multidimensional aural landscapes that disorient and immerse, inviting alternate forms of perception. Her work has been realized as installations, live performances, and recorded material.

Susu Laroche

Susu Laroche is a multidisciplinary artist of Egyptian/French descent whose stunning new LP arrived on Bristol label Accidental Meetings as a loose homage to Ursula L Guin's Earthsea. Her film work has been screened internationally including London Short Film Festival (UK), Samawah Cinema (Iraq) and Nihilist Film Festival (USA). In Spring 2021, she released her first photobook Chaos Rule Us via Wrong Eye Books, and in December 2021 her first album ‘Paridaiza’ via Xquisite Releases. She also releases music with collaborator Oxhy as the The Fertile Crescent.

Grady Steele

Grady Steele is a guitarist and composer exploring ambient and sub-movement, inspired by digitising and distorting the outside world and reconstructing it into both familiar and unfamiliar new forms.


Influenced by her hometown Cairo’s underground scene, London-based writer and researcher Nihal selects contemporary left-field hip hop, drill, drum & bass and experimental sounds from the Middle East and North Africa capturing the organic crossovers traversing the region.