Friday 2 December 2022, 8pm

Archaic Vaults presents: John T. Gast & Serafina Steer + Nexcyia + Vanessa Bedoret + Conal Blake (DJ)

No Longer Available

John T. Gast and Serafina Steer

The slow-burning duo of prolific producer and traditional harpist has seen John T. Gast and Serafina Steer play a very selective few shows since their inception; the first being the Nkisi-curated event ‘Opaque Poetics’ at Wysing Arts Centre in September 2017. With their debut single released in 2021 on Gast’s 5 Gate Temple imprint (a beacon in the fog for sounds akin), these two tracks perfectly symbolise the possibilities when merging traditional folkloric instruments with contemporary processing techniques. Garden of Love / Water Carrier leans further into the ethereality both artists have shown in previous solo and collaborative material with the likes of Lolina, Curtly Thomas, Nkisi, Oliver Marchant and Aase Nielsen.


Nexcyia is an African-American sound artist and experimental ambient musician based in London and Paris. Working with found sound, Nexcyia weaves together harsh sound design and swooping soundscapes into works that bridge many moods, emotions and places through noise, granular synthesis, textures and rhythms. Nexcyia has released a debut EP "Crawl" on Alien Jams and Origin EP on Cafe OTO's in-house label Takuroku.

Vanessa Bedoret

Vanessa Bedoret is a London-based French violinist and vocalist. She integrates her classical background to experimental production, as a means to shape intimate and cinematic compositions, and is an Archaic Vaults' labelmate to several acts on the line-up.

Conal Blake

Conal Blake is a musician from Glasgow. He currently plays solo and improvises with Li Song and Regan Bowering, using electronics and percussion. He also runs the Feedback Moves label.